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Brady Cusick

Brady Cusick

Adjunct Lecturer of Strategic Studies

  • Campus Location: Washington DC


Brady Cusick earned a PhD in cultural anthropology from Boston University in 2005, with a focus on political and psychological anthropology, civil society, and Japan.   He was a visiting researcher at Osaka University from 2002–2003 while doing dissertation fieldwork on Japanese civil society and voluntary organizations.  This research was funded by a National Security Education Program's David Boren Graduate Fellowship and an earlier language fellowship from the Japan Foundation.  While a graduate student, he taught several courses in cultural anthropology at Boston University and was a lecturer on Japanese culture at MIT.  He also served as a teaching assistant in Harvard University's Core Curriculum and was awarded a certificate of distinction in teaching by the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning.  Since 2004, he has worked to provide cultural perspectives to a variety of government and military agencies.