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Elie Canetti

Elie Canetti

Senior Lecturer


Elie Canetti is a Practitioner-In-Residence in the International Economics Department of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, where he had been an adjunct professor since 2009. He teaches courses on Macroeconomics, International Financial Markets, International Financial Organizations and International Monetary Systems. Previously, he served 26 years as an economist at the International Monetary Fund, most recently as an advisor in the Western Hemisphere Department (WHD) of the IMF where his principal duties were as mission chief for Trinidad and Tobago and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and as the IMF director of the Caribbean Regional Financial Project, a joint initiative between the IMF and Caribbean financial authorities.

Prior to joining WHD, he spent nine years in the IMF’s Monetary and Capital Markets Department where he led the Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) for The Bahamas and managed some of the IMF’s multilateral financial sector surveillance. He also co-supervised the IMF’s Global Financial Stability Report from 2005-09, as well as its internal market monitoring and analysis. He has worked on a wide range of financial issues and served on the Financial Stability Board’s (FSB) Analytical Group on Vulnerabilities. Prior to MCM, he spent seven years as a country desk officer in the Asia and Pacific Department, including during the Asian financial crisis.

He has previously worked with Mohamed El Erian at PIMCO as an emerging market analyst and also worked at the U.S. Treasury and World Bank.

His publications include co-authoring a landmark corporate pricing study, “Asking About Prices”, with former Federal Reserve vice-chairman Alan Blinder and others. He has also published working papers on stress testing with “Black Swan” author Nassim Taleb and others, and on early warning indicators of financial stress with IMF co-authors.

He holds graduate degrees in economics from Princeton University (where he was a teaching assistant for Ben Bernanke) and the London School of Economics, and an undergraduate degree in political economy from the University of California at Berkeley. He is also an accomplished jazz pianist and performs regularly in the Washington D.C. area with his fusion/funk band The Upbeets.



  • Financial Markets and Regulation
  • Financial Stability
  • International Macroeconomics
  • International Monetary History