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Emanuela Carbonara

Adjunct Professor of International Economics


Associate Professor of Public Economics and Public Finance, University of Bologna, and Director of 2nd Cycle Degree (2-Year Master) in Law and Economics, University of Bologna. Served as visiting professor at the University of Haifa and George Mason University; was previously a visiting fellow at the Amsterdam Center of Law & Economics of the University of Amsterdam and a research fellow at the University of East Anglia; a member of the Advisory Board of the European Association of Law and Economics and of the Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Law and Economics; PhD, economics, University of Oxford; PhD, economics, Luigi Bocconi University.

Publications: "Agency culture, constitutional provisions and entrepreneurship: a cross-country analysis," co-author, Industrial and Corporate Change (2018); "Social influence on third-party punishment: An experiment," co-author, Journal of Economic Psychology (2017); "Law and Social Norms," in Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics (2017); "Sharing Residual Liability: Cheapest Cost Avoider Revisited," co-author, Journal of Legal Studies (2016); "De Jure Determinants of New Firm Formation: How The Pillars of Constitutions Influence Entrepreneurship," co-author, Small Business Economics (2016); "Rent Seeking and Litigation: The Hidden Virtues of Limited Fee Shifting," co-author, Review of Law and Economics (2015); “Imperfect Substitutes for Perfect Complements: Solving the Anticommons Problem,” co-author, in Bulletin of Economic Research (2013); "Unjust Laws and Illegal Norms," co-author, in International Review of Law and Economics (2012); “Separating Complements: The Effects of Competition and Quality Leadership,” co-author, in The Journal of Economics (2011); “Social Dynamics and Minority Protection,” co-author, in International Review of Law and Economics (2010); “Self-Defeating Subsidiarity,” co-author, in Review of Law and Economics (2009); “Choice of Law and Legal Evolution: Rethinking the Market for Legal Rules,” co-author, in Public Choice (2009); “Optimal Territorial Scope of Laws: Subsidiarity and Legal Harmonization,” co-author, in The Economics of Lawmaking (2009); “Lawmakers as Norm Entrepreneurs,” co-author, in Review of Law and Economics (2008); “The Paradox of Legal Harmonization,” co-author, in Public Choice (2007)




  • Economics
  • International Finance


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