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Elly Rostoum

Elly Rostoum

Managing Director, Alperovitch Institute

Adjunct Lecturer


Elly Rostoum is a former U.S. Intelligence Analyst and National Security Council staffer at the White House, covering the Middle East. She is currently the Managing Director of the Alperovitch Institute for Cybersecurity Studies at Johns Hopkins University. Concurrently, Elly is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a Lecturer in Strategic Studies at the Krieger School for Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. Elly teaches courses on national security vulnerabilities of critical and emerging technologies, public policy, strategic studies, and energy markets; with a regional expertise covering China and the Middle East.

Elly’s research examines American national security vulnerabilities of foreign direct investment, with a focus on foundational and critical and emerging technologies in the AI, finance, biotech, and IoT sectors. Elly is an expert on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States’ (CFIUS) governance. Her current book project, CFIUS in the 21st Century The Guardian of the Technology Revolution, examines the American and the Chinese conceptualizations of national security, and their implications on how each nation defines their grand strategies vis-à-vis one another. Elly was the recipient of the 2023 Johns Hopkins University Discovery Awards, which recognize researchers who are poised to arrive at important discoveries or creative works. She is one of co-founders of the Johns Hopkins RUBICON Symposium, a joint partnership with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Elly was formerly the founding Associate Director of the China Global Research Center at Johns Hopkins University, and a Hans J. Morgenthau Fellow in U.S. Grand Strategy at Notre Dame University.

Elly is fluent in classical Arabic, the 22 Arabic dialects, and French. She has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East, and has done field research in Austria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Morocco. Methodologically, Elly specializes in gaming, and scenario planning and modeling.

Elly began her career in the private sector, forecasting oil prices and advising C-suite executives in the energy sector, covering supply and demand trends, geopolitics, above-ground risk management, and the electrification of the global drivetrain. Her research has been prolifically published in industry and policymaking circles.

As a graduate student, Elly was awarded the White House Internship, the CIA’s graduate fellowship in energy markets, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s fellowship in energy policy & electric systems analysis. Elly holds a Master’s degree in liberal arts in government from Harvard University, a Certificate in Decision Analysis & Risk Management from Stanford University, a Certificate in Energy Modeling from the International Energy Agency, and a Bachelor's degree in political science from Bates College. She is completing her Ph.D. in Global Governance and Human Security from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. 
Spring 2015 
Spring 2015 



  • China
  • Middle East


  • Economic Statecraft
  • U.S. Grand Strategy
  • Emerging & Foundational technologies
  • US National Security
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Intelligence
  • Gaming
  • Scenario planning
  • Energy & Environmental Security


  • Arabic
  • French