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Jaime Marquez

Jaime Marquez

Senior Lecturer


Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Board 1983-2013
Applied Econometrics for Open Economies
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1983
Managing editor of the series Advanced Studies in Theoretical and Applied Econometrics, Springer-Verlag, 1991-2010
Fall 2013-2018, Consultant to the Frontiers Strategy Group 
Johns Hopkins SAIS Excellence in Teaching Award 1996, 2004, 2014, 2018 (MIEF)
Contractor for the Federal Open Market Committee Secretariat 2015 to 2018 
Interviewing Member of the FRB Oral History Project 2009-2013
Master of Arts in Liberal Arts, St. John's College, 2019
Guest editor for the Fall 2020 issue of the Journal of Risk and Financial Management

Ongoing Research

The Future of Illusion or Illusions of the Future: FOMC Economic Projections 2008-2015 (2016),with Sebastian Herador.

Forecasting FOMC Forecasts (2018) with S. Yanki Kalfa

Refereed Articles

 "FOMC Forecasts: Are They Useful for Understanding Monetary Policy?" (with S. Yanki Kalfa) J. Risk Financial Manag. 2019, 12, no. 3: 133.  

"OTC Derivatives and Global Economic Activity,"  (with G. Bodnar and J. Fortun) J. Risk Financial Manag. 2017, 10(2), 13; doi:10.3390/jrfm10020013 
"The Federal Reserve's Balance Sheet and Overnight Interest Rates: Empirical Modeling of Exit Strategies," (2013) (with A. Morse and B. Schlusche (2013), Journal of Banking and Finance, in press (
"Foreign Holdings of U.S. Treasuries and U.S. Treasury Yields," (2013) (with Beltran, Daniel O., Maxwell Kretchmer and Charles P. Thomas, Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 32, pp. 1120-1143.
“Some Simple Tests of the Globalization and Inflation Hypothesis," (2010) (with J. Ihrig, S. Kamin, and D. Lindner), International Finance, Vol. 13, 343-375.
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"Foreign Exchange Constraints and Growth Possibilities for The LDCs,"  Journal of Development Economics, Vol.19, pp. 39-57; (1985).

Books and Monographs
Estimating Trade Elasticities, (2002), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston. 
Trade Elasticities for G-7 Countries, (2000), (with P. Hooper and K. Johnson),  Princeton Studies in International Economics, Vol. 87, August.
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Econometrics and Economic Theory (ed.),  Basil Blackwell, Oxford, (1985).
Oil Price Effects and OPEC's Pricing Policy: An Optimal Control Approach, Lexington Books, D.C. Heath, (1984). 



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