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Matteo Alvisi

Adjunct Professor of International Economics


Professor of Economics, the University of Bologna. PhD in Economics, Luigi Bocconi University; PhD in Economics, University of California, Los Angeles.

Publications: “"Imperfect Substitutes for Perfect Complements: a Solution to the Tragedy of the Anticommons,"” co-author, in Bulletin of Economic Research (2013); "“Separating Complements: The Effects of Competition and Quality Leadership,"” co-author, in Journal of Economics (2011); "“Complementing Substitutes: Compatibility, Bundling and Entry,"” co-author, in Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics Working Paper Series, (2009); "Concorrenza, Essenzialità e Esternalità di Rete nella Produzione di Beni Complementari: nuove soluzioni alla Tragedia degli Anticommons”," in Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali (2008); "Piracy and Quality Choice in Monopolistic Markets," co-author, in German Working Papers in Law and Economics, (2003); "“Piracy and Product Differentiation in the Market for Digital Goods,"” co-author, in Rivista Italiana degli Economisti (2003); "“Quality Choice, Fixed Costs and Equilibrium in Models of Vertical Differentiation”," in Department of Economics, Working Paper, Università di Bologna (2000); author of numerous papers published in professional journals.




  • Economics
  • International Economics


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