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Magdalena Bogacz

Magdalena Bogacz

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Dr. Magdalena T. Bogacz is an Assistant Professor of Military and Security Studies at the United States Space Force Schriever Space Scholars Program within the Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, in Washington, D.C. She teaches courses on War Theory, Modern Warfighting, and Leadership in the Space Domain. Previously, she worked as a Course Director and an Assistant Professor of Leadership at Ethics at Air University, Maxwell AFB.

Dr. Bogacz received her bachelor’s degree in philosophy and psychology from the California State University, Bakersfield (2016), a master’s degree in philosophy from KU Leuven in Belgium (2017), where her studies focused on philosophy of science, specifically, competing types of scientific explanations and natural sciences’ epistemologies, and a Doctorate degree (2021) in Global Executive Education from the University of Southern California where her primary field of study was Leadership, Higher Education, and Philosophy.

Her multidisciplinary research explores education's philosophical and psychological elements with a specific focus on the relationship between higher education, innovation, and national security, organizational leadership, professional ethics, including space ethics proper, and women, peace & security. To that end, she published numerous articles, most recently, The Case for Space Ethics, Enhancing National Security: Increasing Female Faculty in Professional Military Education, and Linking Innovation back to National Security via Innovation Ecosystems. Currently, Dr. Bogacz works on developing a universal space ethics framework that would complement the five “tenets of responsible behavior in space”, with a special focus on norm violations and attribution of aggressive behavior.

Dr. Bogacz has been teaching in professional military education for two years after half a decade of teaching in civilian institutions. Prior to joining Air University in November 2021, where she won a Civilian Category IV Quarterly Award her first year, she was a Philosophy Faculty member at the California State University, Bakersfield, and Bakersfield College. She taught a variety of courses in Philosophy and Ethics, including Critical Thinking and Advanced Composition, Logic, and Ethics of Living and Dying.


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  • Bogacz, M. T. (2023, May 30). The Case for Space Ethics. The Space Review.

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  • Magdalena Bogacz. Review of Zimmerman, Joshua D., Jozef Pilsudski: Founding Father of Modern Poland. H-War, H-net Reviews. June, 2023. URL:

  • Fraioli, S. A. & Bogacz, M. T. (forthcoming). The Frailty Myth: The case for gender-neutral physical fitness assessment practices among the United States Airmen. Naval War College Press.

  • Bogacz, M.T. (manuscript submitted for publication). On Citizens Arrests and the Ethics of Military Coups: Lessons from the First Marshal of Poland Jozef Pilsudski.



  • The United States


  • Organizational Leadership
  • Professional Ethics
  • Space Ethics
  • Just War Theory
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Women
  • Peace
  • & Security


  • Polish

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