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Sergey Radchenko

Sergey Radchenko

Wilson E. Schmidt Distinguished Professor


Sergey Radchenko is Wilson E. Schmidt Distinguished Professor at SAIS Europe, and Director, Bologna Institute for Policy Research. Previously he was Professor of International Relations, Cardiff University. Radchenko has an international reputation for research on the history of the Cold War. He has written on Sino-Soviet relations, on Soviet and Chinese foreign policies, on atomic diplomacy, and on Cold War crises. In addition he has published work on North Korea and Mongolia and continues to have interests the international politics of East and Central Asia and in contemporary Sino-Russian relations, Russian foreign policy, and Russia-NATO relations. He has served as a Global Fellow and a Public Policy Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Centre (in Washington D.C.), and as the Zi Jiang Distinguished Professor at East China Normal University (Shanghai). Currently his research interests center around the global history of the Cold War. He is a frequent contributor to The New York Times, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, National Interest, The Moscow Times, and other national and international media.



  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Russia
  • China


  • History of the Cold War
  • Russian Foreign Policy
  • Chinese Foreign Policy


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  • Mongolian

In the News

Coups in the Kremlin

In a Foreign Affairs article, written by Professor Radchenko, there is discussion on what may occur to Putin in the coming years. With the turns of the war, supporters of Putin are starting to have their doubts on what lies ahead. Will he maintain his position of power? Or will there be a transition?

Russian history professor breaks down Putin's latest speech

After Putin calls military reservists for the front lines of Ukraine and to annex parts of Ukraine to Russia, Professor Radchenko goes on NPR to discuss the meaning of these calls. In the interview Professor Radchenko speaks to how the Russian people are starting to feel directly affected by a war which is for Putin's imperial dreams. The interview then closes off with brief questioning on possible nuclear weapon use.

Did Putin Miscalculate the Military Challenge Russia Would Face in Ukraine?

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Lingling Wei interviewed Sergey Radchenko for the WSJ, 03/03

Who saw the collapse of the USSR coming?

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The Berlin crisis, Ukraine, and the five percent problem.

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Putin accuses NATO of ignoring Russian 'warnings about red lines’.

Sergey Radchenko cited in Washington Examiner, 11/18

1991 and Europe 30 after the collapse of the USSR.

Sergey Radchenko participated in Bettino Craxi Foundation conference, 11/08

Will the China-Russia relationship hold? Understanding contradictions and convergence.

Sergey Radchenko participated in The Democracy Forum webinar, 08/25

Driving a wedge between China and Russia won’t work.

Sergey Radchenko wrote in War on the Rocks, 08/24

Afghanistan has never been Moscow or Washington’s to win or lose.

Sergey Radchenko wrote in The Moscow Times, 08/16