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Vincent Della Sala

Adjunct Professor of European and Eurasian Studies

Associate Professor at the School of International Studies and Faculty of Sociology of the University of Trento


Was previously an associate professor of political science at Carleton University and assistant professor of political science at Brock University; served as a lecturer in politics at the University of Durham; PhD, politics, University of Oxford
“From salvation to Pragmatic Indifference? Europe in Italian Political Discourse," co-author, in Debating Europe: The 2009 European Parliament Elections and Beyond (2011); "Political Myth, Mythology and the European Union" in Journal of Common Market Studies(2010); Governance and Civil Society in the European Union: Exploring Policy Issues, co-author (2007); Governance and Civil Society in the EU: Normative Perspectives, co-author (2007); "Da risorsa a vincolo? L'Italia e il patto di stabilità e crescita" in Politica in Italia (2006); "Oltre la trasformazione e l'adattamento dello stato" inRivista italiana di scienza politica (2006); Politics Without a Centre: Italy Between Globalization and Europeanization (2003); numerous articles in journals including West European Politics and Journal of Common Market Studies and Governance



  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Italy


  • European Union and Transatlantic Relations
  • International Political Economy


  • French
  • Italian