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Custom Executive Education and Seminars

Prepare Your Leaders to Develop Strategic Solutions

Leaders who understand the complex intersection of management, policy analysis, and international affairs are paramount to the success of any globally-focused organization. Whether you are interested in impact investing in Africa, European financial markets, trade and development in Latin America, climate change in Southeast Asia, or security studies in the Middle East, great leaders understand the importance of lifelong learning.

Our Advantage

We develop and deliver custom programs, seminars, and conferences for clients around the world. From CEOs to diplomats, senior ranking military officers to banking executives, the school’s executive education team works with each organization to create a unique and tailored program. We help leaders develop the international vision necessary to tackle complex global challenges.

Thought Leadership

Custom programs are taught by members of the school's faculty. These world-renowned scholars and practitioners bring their academic and real-world experiences to the classroom. Our program participants learn from those who inform and shape policy around critical international issues in an interactive and engaging environment that encourages dialogue and innovative thinking, while being grounded in theory. The result is a relevant, cutting-edge experience that provides maximum impact.

A Global Institution

Although most custom programs are delivered on our three campuses in Washington DC, Bologna, Italy, or Nanjing, China programs can be delivered at any organization anywhere in the world. Programs can range in length from short briefings for a group of executives or government officials to an intensive seminar for your organization.

Designing Your Custom Program

Partnering with the school is an investment in your organization’s future. Our flexible and comprehensive approach to designing executive-style programs assures that your team receives the skills necessary to derive a substantial return on your investment.

We listen.

We start with an initial consultation to discuss your organization’s goals and learning objectives. Our executive education programs are completely customizable, with content that can be adapted to your duration, location, and profile. Each program team is led by a Johns Hopkins SAIS faculty member working closely with a dedicated program manager to assure that we understand your unique needs and how we can best assist you.

We design.

Drawing from our globally diverse faculty and extensive international network, we develop a preliminary program outline that is tailored to address the core issues facing your organization and employees. A curriculum often includes highly interactive classroom sessions, case discussions, simulations, small-group exercises, intensive study tools, and site visits.

We engage.

With your review and feedback, we work collaboratively to assure that the program is relevant and provides maximum impact for your organization. We also consult with additional faculty, industry experts, government officials, and corporate leaders to deliver cutting-edge insights and promote innovative problem-solving, while always aligning with your learning objectives.

We deliver.

The program manager is available throughout the program’s delivery to ensure optimal learning conditions and participant satisfaction, allowing participants to focus on the educational experience. Participants will engage with DC insiders and thought leaders in a highly interactive learning environment that requires advanced preparation and individual participation. Johns Hopkins SAIS prides itself on delivering theoretically grounded programs focused on practical, real-world interactions.

We evaluate.

We will ask participants to evaluate their experience at the close of the program. We will review these results with you and identify ways to improve future programming. Upon completion, we look for participants to feel empowered to drive positive change on both a strategic level and in their daily work environment.

While Johns Hopkins SAIS can deliver a wide range of topics and services, some areas of greatest interest to our previous clients include:


  • American Foreign Policy
  • Capacity Building
  • Diplomacy in DC
  • Emerging and Global Financial Markets
  • Energy and Environment
  • International Bargaining and Negotiations
  • International Development
  • International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Leadership Development
  • Privatization and Foreign Investments
  • Strategic and Security Studies
  • Regional Expertise Covering the Globe

“Johns Hopkins SAIS offers an unparalleled opportunity for professionals who seek advanced training in global affairs and policy management. With three global campuses and an international faculty covering the broad range of important global issues, the school is ideally positioned to develop essential programs for globally focused leaders.”

Peter Lewis, Director of Africa and Middle East Programs