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Certificate in Chinese and American Studies

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The Hopkins-Nanjing Center | Office of International Admissions
1619 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20036
+1 (202) 663-5800


The one-year Certificate in Chinese and American Studies, often referred to as the "HNC Certificate," features courses in politics, economics, Chinese studies, energy, and law. Our shared residential community and target-language curriculum deepens cultural ties and creates individuals who are both bilingual and at home in two cultures. Together students live, study, and debate the most important issues facing China and the world.

Become an Expert

At the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, American and non-US students take most courses in Chinese, while Chinese students are taught primarily in English. This unique target-language curriculum will help you to advance your language skills while gaining the multidisciplinary background you need to advance your career in the dynamic world of Sino-global relations.


What Your Schedule Will Look Like

Each year, the Hopkins-Nanjing Center offers 75 classes allowing you to focus on the issues that matter most to you. This Certificate requires a minimum of six academic courses taken in Chinese.

Fall Semester

Develop high-level professional Chinese-language skills by reading academic articles, debating issues in class, writing research papers, and living in a bilingual community. Complete six courses in Mandarin through our target-language curriculum.

Sample Courses

  • Contemporary International Politics (taught in Chinese)
  • Social Issues of China’s Modernization (taught in Chinese)
  • Comparative Economies: US and China (taught in English)
  • Chinese History Since 1949 (taught in Chinese)


15 weeks 

Spring Semester

You must complete at least six courses taught in Chinese over the course of the year-long program.

Sample Courses

  • Ethnic Minorities in Chinese Society (taught in Chinese)
  • International Economics (taught in Chinese)
  • Air Pollution and its Control (taught in English)
  • Chinese Constitution (taught in Chinese)


15 weeks 

Learn From the Best

Eight resident international faculty members and 30 Chinese professors offer courses taught in English and Chinese on topics related to international law, politics, economics, environmental issues, Chinese and American studies, and more.

Adam Webb

American Co-Director, Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Resident Professor of Political Science

Tao Hua

Professor of Chinese Studies

Gaye Christoffersen

Resident Professor of International Politics

Ke Fan

Adjunct Professor of Chinese Studies

Build Your Network

Alumni of the HNC Certificate are renowned for their Chinese-language proficiency and their multidisciplinary approach to understanding international affairs and China. You will develop high-level professional Chinese-language skills by reading academic articles, debating issues in class, writing research papers, and living in a bilingual community.

By studying, living, and working together toward academic success, international and Chinese students learn about one another and form life-long friendships.

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright holds an informal discussion with Hopkins-Nanjing Center alumni.

Gain Expertise on the Energy Sector in the US and China

"Through the Energy, Resources and Environment concentration, I have learned more about technology focused policy and I have gained traction in the energy sector."

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Developing Expertise on Sino-Latin American Relations

"While studying at the HNC, the bilingual and multicultural environment gave me the opportunity to engage in meaningful class discussions, listen to different perspectives from classmates and study complex problems in Mandarin with both Chinese and other international students."

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Beyond the Classroom

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center fosters a close-knit community, and the bilingual learning environment extends beyond the classroom into everyday interactions on campus.

Study Treks

See policy in action by engaging in a study trip. Recent short-term study trips have taken students to local historical museums, the offices of global IT corporations, and newly-built urban infrastructure. Recent week-long research trips have taken students to study economic, social and political issues in China’s border regions and in Yunnan province.

Visit Border Countries

Faculty at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center connect coursework to opportunities for learning in Nanjing and around China. One new innovative class, China on the Borderlands, has student research groups plan, organize, and implement their own field research trips to China’s border areas.