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Cyberphobia: A Conversation with Edward Lucas

Edward Lucas, senior editor at The Economist and senior vice-president at the Center for European Policy Analysis spoke on his new book “Cyberphobia” and ways in which cyberspace is not the secure zone we may hope.

The Future of the Atlantic Hemisphere

Speakers offered insight on the future of energy, economic growth, human security, and sustainability in the Atlantic Basin, during the final conference of a three-year project on the Future of the Atlantic Hemisphere. 

A Conversation with William J. Burns

William J. Burns, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and former US Deputy Secretary of State joined Dean Vali Nasr and the Foreign Policy Institute for an off-the-record conversation on global affairs.

Restructuring Finance for a New Global Economy

Bertrand Badré, managing director and World Bank Group CFO joined the Johns Hopkins SAIS community for a conversation on the reshaping of the global economy and a change in the role of banks.  

Will Africa Feed China?

Deborah Bräutigam, director of the International Development Program and China-Africa Research Initiative shared insights from her book, “Will Africa Feed China?" which examines the myths and realities behind the media headlines.

The UN in the New Global Landscape

Jan Eliasson, deputy secretary-general of the United Nations spoke on the challenges facing the UN in a changing global landscape. 

SAIS Alumnus Jordan Valdés '10 Makes It to the "40 Under 40" List of Latinos

On October 13, the Huffington Post online published an article entitled, "40 Under 40: Latinos in Foreign Policy." SAIS alumnus Jordan Valdés '10 was positioned in the top 20 part of that list. Click here to read the article in full and congratulations to Jordan:

SAIS Alumnus, Thitinan Ponsudhirak '92, Publishes Article on Thai Constitution Rejection

SAIS alumnus, Thitinan Pongsudhirak '92, published an article in the Nikkei Asian Review on September 9, 2015, titled, "Thai Rejection of Constitution a Costly Way to Buy Time."

Emerging Trends in Global Energy

Paolo Scaroni, deputy chairman of the Rothschild Group joined Dean Vali Nasr for a discussion on the Emerging Trends in Global Energy.

2015 SAIS Global Women in Leadership Conference

SAIS Global Women in Leadership hosted a conference exploring how female entrepreneurs are driving social and economic change in their communities and on a global scale.