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Chinese Language Proficiency | Hopkins-Nanjing Center

Applicants to Hopkins-Nanjing Center programs are required to take the Avant Assessment STAMP Chinese proficiency test. Applicants have typically completed 3-4 years of college level Chinese and spent time in China. Students who intend to have further Chinese language study between taking the test and enrolling in the program should make this clear on the application, as this information can play a role in admissions decisions.

Applicants who have achieved an HSK 6 credential within the last year can request a STAMP Chinese proficiency test waiver by emailing [email protected].


The STAMP test is used to measure proficiency in understanding Mandarin and reading in Chinese. It is composed of two sections: listening comprehension and reading comprehension. It is an online multiple-choice test that takes about two hours to complete.

Recommended Chinese Language Scores

Program STAMP Test
Certificate 1200 or above
MAIS 1300 or above

Your language background will be taken into consideration in addition to your STAMP score.

Requesting the Test

To request the STAMP test, you need to start an application to one of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center Programs by visiting

You will be able to select from two proctoring options: In-person or Virtual. Once you complete the STAMP Test Request section of the application, you’ll receive an email from [email protected] with a link to pay the testing fee as well as testing instructions.

After you have completed the test, the Hopkins-Nanjing Center Washington Office will notify you of your score within two business days. The test can be taken once every 3 months. If you’d like to retake the STAMP test, please email [email protected].  All tests should be completed by the application deadlines (November 1 for Early Notification or February 1 for Regular Decision). 

In-Person Proctoring

Cost: $15
Applicants should find a proctor who will agree to administer the test. Anyone in a professional capacity (not a friend or a family member) can serve as a proctor. Professors, work supervisors, university administrators and librarians are all suitable choices to proctor a STAMP test. Test materials will be emailed directly to the proctor, so be sure to include the proctor's current email address.

Virtual Proctoring

Cost: $40
You will have 3 hours (180 minutes) to complete the test. If you require a testing accommodation, please email us at [email protected] at least 2 days before your scheduled test date. Upon completion of the test, please notify us at [email protected] so we may retrieve your test results

NOTE: This test is meant to be challenging. Do not be discouraged if you find it to be difficult! As an adaptive test, questions become more difficult as you answer previous questions correctly. Even if you do not know the answer to a question, try to answer to the best of your ability.  We have found students are generally pleasantly surprised by their score. We hope that all interested students will take the test to gauge their level rather than assuming their language ability is not high enough. You may know more than you think!