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Restructuring Finance for the Global Economy

November 12, 2015

Part of the Evolution or Revolution? series with the Foreign Policy Institute
Bertrand Badré, Managing Director and CFO of the World Bank Group
Betrand Badré, Managing Director and CFO of the World Bank Group, participated in a fascinating discussion with Dr. John Lipsky of the Foreign Policy Institute, about the future of finance in an increasingly globalized environment. Badré argued that the global economic landscape is changing and there seems to be a shift from a financial economy dominated by central banks to one dominated by investors and the private sector. Add to this external issues such as climate change, further digitalization and cyber security, one can see there are many challenges facing the world economy today. Badré also raised awareness for the World Bank's new initiative, "From Billions to Trillions," which will attempt to change the paradigm of how developed governments raise money for third-world development.

World Bank Group Managing Director Betrand Badré discusses global finance at the Washington DC campus, November 12, 2015