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Strong Alumni Connections Celebrated at 2024 Reunion Weekend

March 19, 2024

Johns Hopkins SAIS welcomed alumni from all three campuses marking their 10th, 25th, and 50th anniversaries of graduation—the classes of 2014, 1999, and 1974—during the exciting 2024 Reunion Weekend held March 1-2, 2024, at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg Center in Washington, D.C.

The SAIS Development and Alumni Relations team organized the reunion in partnership with SAIS colleagues and volunteer leaders on class committees. “We are grateful to all the volunteers for their leadership, guidance and support with curating the weekend’s program and helping with outreach to their classmates,” said Khadija Hill, associate dean for development and alumni relations at SAIS.

In addition to celebrating their reunion milestones, the weekend’s program included opportunities for alumni to reconnect and exchange memories with classmates, meet and share their advice with current students, be inspired by a keynote speaker, relive the classroom experience, explore SAIS’ new home at the Hopkins Bloomberg Center, and learn about the school’s priorities from SAIS leadership.

The first day of the reunion featured a student showcase, during which alumni heard current SAIS students give presentations about their recent experiential learning activities and share their perspectives on global issues. This was followed by an alumni-student networking session—led by Michael McKenzie, SAIS’ new assistant dean for Global Careers—during which alumni reflected on their post-SAIS journey and shared advice with current students.

The reunion weekend’s keynote address was delivered by Heather A. Conley, a SAIS alum (Class of 1996), who now serves as president of the German Marshall Fund, a public policy think tank that seeks to promote cooperation and understanding between North America and the European Union. In her speech, Conley emphasized the importance of civic involvement, civil society, and engaging with such multilateral institutions as NATO and the United Nations. She also spoke of the need for Americans to understand the importance of the post-World War II Marshall Plan in creating the modern-day transatlantic partnership that remains a major pillar of U.S. foreign policy. “We need to support the change we want to see” and “be part of something bigger than ourselves”, said Conley.

Conley’s speech was followed by a fireside chat and question-and-answer session led by SAIS Dean James Steinberg.. Conley also received the 2023 Johns Hopkins Alumni Association Global Achievement Award, which honors alumni who exemplify the Johns Hopkins tradition of excellence and have brought credit to the university and their profession in the international arena through their professional achievements or humanitarian service.

The second day of the reunion weekend began with a festive family brunch, followed by a tour of the school’s new home at the Bloomberg Center, located on Washington, D.C.’s iconic Pennsylvania Avenue. Faculty lectures were also held the same day, giving alumni the opportunity to relive the classroom experience. Reunion attendees listened to these SAIS professors discuss the following topics:

  • Adam Auerbach, associate professor: Urbanization and Urban Informality in the Global South

  • Olga Belogolova, director, Emerging Technology Initiative, lecturer in Technology and National Security: Lies, Damned Lies, and Misinformation

  • Pravin Krishna, Chung Ju Yung Professor of International Economics: Multilateral Trade Dis-Order

Alumni also met with members of the SAIS leadership team for an opportunity to learn about SAIS strategy, priorities, and current initiatives, and ask questions about their vision for the school’s future. An evening reception hosted by Dean Steinberg was the final on-campus event of the weekend. During the reception, members of the class of 1974 received their Johns Hopkins University 50th reunion medallions.

The alumni attendees subsequently concluded their reunion with self-organized class dinners. To honor their reunions, alumni in the three participating classes of 2014, 1999, and 1974 also established fundraising goals and class gifts to support future generations of SAIS students.

The annual gathering of alumni to celebrate reunion milestones is a true highlight of the year for SAIS, highlighting alumni achievements and reaffirming their commitment to the School and to each other. The weekend was filled with joy and excitement, and alumni presence at SAIS’ new home will continue to resonate for months to come.

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A group of alums in a photoshoot
A group of alums in a photoshoot
A group of alums in a photoshoot
An alum in a photoshoot
A group of alums in a photoshoot