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Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School and School for Advanced International Studies collaborate to offer new dual degree program


Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School and School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) are pleased to announce the launch of a dual Master of Arts degree in International Relations (MAIR) and Master of Business Administration (MBA). The new program will provide graduates with expertise in international relations, and leadership and analytic skills gained through both degree programs. Enrollment is open now for fall 2021.
With the SAIS Master of Arts in International Relations degree, students gain the knowledge, skills, and experiences to confront complex global challenges. The flexible and diverse curriculum includes core areas of study examining leadership, international markets, regional studies, decision-making, data analytics, economics, geopolitics, and research methods. Graduates also gain professional and substantive insights for developing an extensive global mindset to tackle real-world problem solving.
The Carey Business School MBA program prepares students with the analytical and leadership skills to advance and excel in an ever-changing business world. In 2020, Carey Business School reimagined its full-time MBA curriculum to offer students two pathways of study: Health, Technology, and Innovation or Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation. The Health, Technology, and Innovation experience leverages the power of Johns Hopkins University’s health ecosystem to find technology-driven, human-centered solutions to complex health problems. With Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation, students learn to translate data insights into innovative solutions, and harness the synergy between analytics and leadership to advance these solutions in changing markets.
"Having a dual degree in these focus areas will allow students pursuing a degree in international relations to enhance that knowledge with the added dimensions of business and marketing skills – all of which are needed in any career that focuses on global affairs," said Eliot Cohen, dean of the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). 
“Graduates of the MAIR/MBA program will be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of a complex and ever-changing world,” said Alexander Triantis, dean of Carey Business School. “This program strategically blends SAIS’s deep expertise in international relations and Carey Business School’s specialization in the fields of finance, business analytics, information systems, marketing, and the business of health.” 
Students in MAIR/MBA program will spend one year studying full-time at SAIS and one year full-time at Carey. The final year of the program will be split between both schools. The program is available to students studying at the SAIS Washington, D.C., and Bologna, Italy campuses, as well as students enrolled in Carey’s full-time MBA program in Baltimore. 
For more information the MAIR/MBA dual degree program at Johns Hopkins, please visit SAIS at or Carey Business School at

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Monday, January 4, 2021