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Dual Degree and Exchange Programs

Enhance your graduate education and professional opportunities. If you are in the Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) program you may pursue a dual-degree in business, law, public administration, public health, public policy, or international diplomacy.

Two Degrees, Two Networks

Expand your academic breadth and professional reach by harnessing the resources of two world-class institutions. To be admitted to any of the dual-degree programs, you must be accepted by both schools independently.

Accelerated Timeline

You can earn both degrees faster in the dual-degree program than if completed separately. You can reduce your time at Johns Hopkins SAIS by one full semester (16 credits) and can normally complete both degrees up to one year faster.

Flexible Sequencing

Most dual-degree partnerships allow you to customize the order in which you complete both sets of degree requirements to maximize your opportunities at each school.

Uncompromised Experience

You have the option to be based in Washington DC or Bologna, Italy, where you can pursue any of the school’s concentrations.

Partner Institutions

You will be able to capitalize on the resources of world-class partner institutions and often receive advanced standing in recognition of coursework taken at the approved institution, which results in the completion of two degrees at an accelerated pace.

Master of Business Administration (MAIR-MBA)

Master of Law

Master of Science in Public Health (MAIR-MSPH)

Juris Doctor (MAIR-JD)

Note: You may request to pursue a dual degree with institutions other than these listed partner schools. Ad hoc dual-degree programs must be approved by the Office of Academic Advising. All general policies concerning dual-degree students apply to ad hoc dual-degree programs as well.

MAIR Dual-Degrees with KDI School of Public Policy and Management (Korea)

  • Master of Public Policy
  • Master of Development Policy
  • Master of Public Management

MIEF-MIA Dual-Degree

  • National University of Singapore acting through its Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Students in the Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance program based in Washington, DC may pursue a dual-degree in International Affairs with this leading Asian school.

Cooperative Degree Programs

Students in the Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA) program based in Bologna, Italy study with leading European universities to earn a diploma or master’s degree from both institutions.

MAIA Cooperative Degree Partners

Exchange Programs

Participating in an exchange program offers Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) and Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA) students an opportunity to gain additional perspectives during their third semester of study.