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Master of Arts in European Public Policy (MEPP)

  • Campus: SAIS Europe
  • Program Duration: One Year
  • Application Deadline: April 15
  • Credits: 40 Credits


The Master of Arts in European Public Policy (MEPP) is a one-year degree that provides a working knowledge of how Europe functions in a globalized world. It addresses issues such as climate and sustainability, energy security, public health, data protection and digitization, as well as trade, finance, foreign affairs, and security policy, with a focus on EU decision-making. The program combines rigorous, multidisciplinary instruction with training in the skills required to succeed in public and private sector careers. Simulations, scenario building, role-playing and debates form part of different courses.

Become an Expert

Build the skills to work effectively in roles such as diplomat, international or EU official, consultant, think-tanker, NGO staffer, lobbyist, government affairs expert, journalist, business, regional or professional representative. Prepare for job applications and interviews, with professional guidance. Hone your writing and public speaking talents. Experienced professionals offer career and placement mentoring. Optional tailor-made career treks take students to Brussels, London, and other European centers.

What Your Schedule Will Look Like

The MEPP builds on the school’s strengths in multi-disciplinary analysis through a broad array of concepts and tools from history, law, economics, international relations, and political science.


The first summer term provides an introduction to the basic concepts in economics in order to enable you to understand the economic context in which the EU operates.


  • Microeconomic Risk and International Trade
  • Writing for Public Policy


2 weeks virtual
4 weeks on campus 

Fall Term

Learn the history and economics of European integration and take elective courses of your choice chosen from an array of approximately forty on offer at SAIS Europe.


  • History of European Integration
  • European Economic Integration
  • Two Elective courses


September to December 

Spring Term

Confront the main challenges facing Europe today and specialize in one or more areas of European public policy. As in the fall semester, you may take an elective in international economics or international relations. A minimum of four courses must be completed during the spring term.


  • Scenarios for the Future of Europe
  • Law and Institutions of the European Union
  • One or more of the following:
    • European Union Foreign Policy
    • Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East 
    • EU Energy and Climate Policy  
    • At least one additional elective


February to May

Summer Term

Complete an internship or undertake an original 8,000 word research project related to European public policy under the supervision of a faculty member.


Study with world-class experts who are renowned for their scholarship, influence, and networks.

Michael Leigh

Academic Director, Master of Arts in European Public Policy, Academic Director, Master of Arts in Global Risk, Senior Adjunct Professor

Mark Gilbert

C. Grove Haines Professor of History and International Studies

Richard Pomfret

Senior Adjunct Professor

Justin Frosini

Robert Abernethy Adjunct Professor

In the News

A Closer Look at the Gaza Casualty Data

Good Authority (blog), December 14, 2023. With Marc Lynch.

The Ghosts of Lebanon

Foreign Affairs, November 14, 2023.

The Political Dynamics of Disasters

Arts & Sciences Magazine, November, 2023.

Italy’s new leader faces familiar problems, including fickle voters

In the Washington Post, Professor Gilbert writes about the results of the Italian general elections that occurred this past weekend. He explains that Giorgia Meloni's win has brought fear to the public because, although she claims to no longer be a fascist, her political party descends from neo-fascist ideals.

Far-right Nationalist Giorgia Meloni Elected as Italy's First Female Prime Minister

Mark Gilbert gives background information and analysis in an NBC news special report on the election of Giorgia Meloni.

From Elizabeth II to Charles III: A Triumph of British Ceremonial and Soft Power

David Ellwood discusses the significant contributions Queen Elizabeth II made during her reign, and what may occur now after her passing. In his article published to the CPD Blog, he also touches on King Charles, and his possible continuation of soft power.

Is EU enlargement to Ukraine and Moldova credible?

The Loop published an article co-authored by Professor Anghel which discusses the possibility of both Ukraine and Moldova entering the European Union despite not meeting EU membership criteria. The authors mention previous EU membership promises to the countries of the Western Balkans, however, note that there may be a difference when security of the EU is in question.

Coups in the Kremlin

In a Foreign Affairs article, written by Professor Radchenko, there is discussion on what may occur to Putin in the coming years. With the turns of the war, supporters of Putin are starting to have their doubts on what lies ahead. Will he maintain his position of power? Or will there be a transition?

Russian history professor breaks down Putin's latest speech

After Putin calls military reservists for the front lines of Ukraine and to annex parts of Ukraine to Russia, Professor Radchenko goes on NPR to discuss the meaning of these calls. In the interview Professor Radchenko speaks to how the Russian people are starting to feel directly affected by a war which is for Putin's imperial dreams. The interview then closes off with brief questioning on possible nuclear weapon use.

Advance Your Career

From consultants to entrepreneurs, leaders of nongovernmental organizations to policymakers, Johns Hopkins SAIS graduates put their degrees to work.

100% of the one-year Master of Arts in European Public Policy (MEPP) Class of 2023 were employed (continuing and new) or in fellowships within six months of graduation.


  • Acumen Public Affairs
  • American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union
  • American Swiss Foundation
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Delegation of the European Union to the United States
  • ENEL
  • German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF)
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Foreign Policy for America
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

*Based on results of a survey of students who graduated in August and December 2022. MEPP survey participation rate was 82%. 

Build Your Network

Join an influential alumni network of more than 20,000 professionals working across sectors in 140 countries around the world.

The program combines rigorous, multidisciplinary academic instruction on EU policies and activities, with hands-on, practical training in the skills and techniques required to succeed in the broad EU policy community.

Master of Arts in International Affairs Degree, Study Trip profile

Throughout the academic year, students have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom during study trips, where they visit a myriad of organizations and meet with individuals who offer unique perspectives on current global affairs.

Master of Arts in International Affairs Degree, Alumni Weekend profile

Alumni return to SAIS Europe each year for the school's annual alumni weekend to share their professional and personal stories since graduating, and to connect with current students.

Profile Image of Deniz Houston

Multiculturalism & European Policymaking

I spent a lot of time debating with American and European friends from Poland, Italy, and the United Kingdom – I felt like SAIS was a great opportunity to practice collaborating and communicating with people from other countries the same way that I do now at the Delegation of the European Union to the United States.

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Laurence Dynes Profile Image

Gaining Insights into Effective International Cooperation

SAIS was certainly a major factor in me forming this goal: coming from a very different sector to that which I wanted to transition to, it was easy to feel a little lost at times. However, the academic and professional experience I have gained since has given me both the knowledge to form well-defined aspirations, and the skillset to pursue them.

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Beyond the Classroom

Through study treks, practicum projects, staff rides, career treks, and internships, you will gain practical, hands-on experience.

Brussels Career Trek

Gain insiders’ knowledge on working in the European Union environment. Meet alumni and professionals from the European Commission, European Parliament, NATO, and organizations and think tanks gravitating around the EU.

Internship Opportunities

The opportunities available include the European Commission and Parliament, the European Central Bank, the European Investment Bank and the European Stability Mechanism.

Bologna Institute for Policy Research (BIPR)

The Institute provides a forum for thought and debate and promotes problem-centered, interdisciplinary research in international policy, supporting the impact and dissemination of faculty research and students' intellectual activities.

Networking Events

Network with alumni and professionals and organize student-led events exploring your area of interest's challenges and opportunities outside the classroom.