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Chiedo Nwankwor

Lecturer and Director of SAIS Women Lead

  • +1 (202) 663-5676
  • Campus Location: Washington DC
  • Office Location: BOB 715


Dr. Nwankwor oversees SAIS Women Lead (SWL) and serves as a Visiting Research Associate and Lecturer. Her primary areas of specialization are Comparative Politics with a focus on African politics, and Women and Gender Studies. Within women and gender studies, her research and teaching interests include women’s political participation with an emphasis on ministerial level politics in Africa, women’s health and health policy, feminist international relations, and the political economy of gender in Africa.

As director of SAIS Women Lead, Dr. Nwankwor develops and teaches SWL’s practicum courses; facilitates collaboration with SAIS Women’s Alumni Network (SWAN), SWL’s Women Who Inspire Lecture Series, and Global Women in Leadership to co-sponsor programming; strengthens alumni mentoring activities affiliated with SWL; and advises students.


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