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SAIS Europe Advisory Council

The SAIS Europe Advisory Council is composed of distinguished leaders from Europe and the United States who represent the private, public, and non-governmental sectors. The council plays an important role in the life of the school by providing strategic advice and financial support. Council members also serve as informal ambassadors of SAIS Europe in their home countries and strive to enhance the school’s visibility worldwide.

Mr. James Anderson, Chairman (UK)
Partner/CIO, Baillie Gifford Investment Managers, Edinburgh, UK

Mr. Robert J. Abernethy (US) 
President, American Standard Development Company; President, Self Storage Management Company, Los Angeles, CA, US

Mr. Michael Bosco (US) 
Partner, Dentons, Rome, Italy 

Ms. Fiona Campbell (UK) 
Controller at BBC3, London, UK 

Mr. Marco dell'Aquila (Italy) 
Chairman, Inspiratia, London, UK 

Ms. Anne Erni (US) 
Chief People Officer, Audible Inc., New York, NY, US 

Mr. Martin Fraenkel (UK) 
President, S&P Global Platts, London, UK 

Mr. D. Cole Frates (US) 
Founder, Renewable Resources Group, Los Angeles, US 

Mr. Wilhelm Hemetsberger (Austria)
Chairman, Ithuba Capital AG, Vienna, Austria 

Dr. Thomas Jetter (Germany) 
Managing Director and Founding Partner, Digital+ Partners
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, HQ Capital, Bad Homburg, Germany 

Dr. Kenneth H. Keller (US) 
Former Director and Senior Adjunct Professor of Science and Technology Policy at JHU SAIS Europe 
Woodbury, MN, US 

Ms. Rachael Langdon (US) Junior Advisory Council Member
SAIS M.A. Graduate, 2020

Mag. Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny (Austria) 
Rector, Musik und Kunst Privatuniversitaet der Stadt Wien, Vienna, Austria 

Ms. Jill McGovern (US) 
President, M&M Enterprises
Senior Consultant, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, Johns Hopkins University Washington, DC, US 

Dr. Eric D.K. Melby (US) 
Founding Partner, The Scowcroft Group, Washington, DC, US 

Ms. Kate Murray (US) Junior Advisory Council Member
Growth Strategist, Babbel, Berlin, Germany

Ms. Naneen Neubohn (US) 
Retired, Former Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Investment Banking, US, UK, France

Mr. John Parachini (US) 
Senior Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation, Arlington, VA, US 

Mr. Stefano Possati (Italy) 
President, Marposs S.p.A, Bentivoglio (BO), Italy 

Mr. Raffaele Santoro (Italy) 
Consultant, Boston, MA, US 

Mr. Robert Singer (US) 
Member of Board of Directors, Coty Inc., Tiffany & Co., and Panera Bread, Milan, Italy 

Mr. Thomas B. Tesluk (US)
CEO and Founder, Sequen Consulting LLC, New Canaan, CT, US

Mr. Dominique Thormann (US/France) 
Former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Renault Group, Paris, France

Mr. John Ulrich (US)
Vice President IB Coverage, J.P. Morgan Chase Investment Bank, London, UK

Mr. Romano Volta (Italy) 
President, Datalogic S.p.A, Calderera di Reno (BO), Italy 

Mrs. Alison von Klemperer (US) 
Consultant, Trustee, Carleton College 
Board member, Four Freedoms Park Conservancy 

Mr. Jack G. Wasserman (US) 
Lawyer, Director, Icahn Enterprises LP and Wendy's/Arby's Group Inc. New York, NY, US 

Dr. Bonnie S. Wilson (US) Co-Chair of the SAIS Legacy Circle
Member of Board, Osgood Center for International Studies, Bethesda, MD, US 

Honorary Members

Prof. Giuseppe de Vergottini (Italy) 
Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Bologna 
Lawyer, Bologna and Rome, Italy 

Mr. Emilio Ottolenghi (Italy) 
President, La Petrolifera Italo Rumena, Bologna, Italy 

Prof. Romano Prodi (Italy) 
President, Foundation for Worldwide Cooperation
Former President of the European Commission
Former Prime Minister of Italy, Bologna, Italy

Ex-Officio Members

Eliot A. Cohen (US)
Dean, SAIS and Professor of Strategic Studies Washington D.C., U.S.

Ronald J. Daniels (US)
President, Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD, U.S.

Michael G. Plummer (US/Italy)
Director, SAIS Europe and ENI Professor of International Economics Bologna, Italy