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Principles of Economics

Gain a firm grasp of the theories and tools of economics, finance, and the functioning of the international economic system.

The 9-week Principles of Economics (PoE) is a non-credit course that covers introductory micro- and macroeconomics and can be used to complete the school's two-year Master of Arts in International Relations economics admissions requirement. It can also be taken as a prerequisite to take the school’s International Economics courses.

The PoE course is organized into weekly modules with each lecture recorded on a virtual whiteboard. Each weekly module contains lectures, a problem set, a practice quiz, and a short graded quiz. Students are required to submit assignments on a weekly basis. A typical week in the PoE course will involve the following:

  • A set of 6-8 video lectures, averaging 10-12 minutes in length
  • Textbook readings selected to support and supplement the lectures
  • Practice on both short-answer quizzes and more substantive conceptual problems
  • A final assessment for each module


How to Apply

Fall 2023 OPE Dates

Deadline to Apply: September 20

  • Course dates: September 25-November 29

Spring 2024 OPE Dates

Deadline to Apply: February 14

  • Course dates: February 19-April 21

Summer 2024 OPE Dates

Course is open to incoming SAIS degree students only. Admitted students who have not completed the economics admissions requirement will be auto-enrolled in the course. (Admitted MA in Sustainable Energy students should enroll in the Economics Basics course offered through their program.)

  • Course dates: TBA

Tuition & Academic Policies

The cost of tuition for fall, spring, or summer Online Principles of Economics course is $1,600. Tuition for this course is non-refundable once orientation begins. Students who withdraw from the course will need to repay tuition in order to enroll in a future term.

Online Principles of Economics is a non-credit course and will not appear on a Johns Hopkins SAIS transcript. In place of a transcript, you will receive a letter of completion on school letterhead verifying your enrollment and final grade in the course. If you are taking this course in order to meet the entry requirements for a degree, you must receive a B- or higher in order to meet that requirement.

The last day to withdraw from the course without a failing grade will be after the third week of the course. No tuition will be refunded and a grade of W (withdraw) will be recorded for the course.