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Class of 1971

Your 50th Class Committee:

  • Curtis H. Eaton
  • Joseph S. Forte
  • Dennis P. Lockhart
  • Gaillard L. Schmidt
  • Mr. Samuel B. Bartlett
  • Mr. Vincent J. Broze
  • Mr. William H. Copenhaver
  • Ms. Adrian Curtis
  • Dr. Luc Clement de Smet
  • Mr. Alberto Eguren
  • Ms. Christine B. Giangreco
  • Mr. Philip J. Griffin
  • Ms. Monica Gruder Drake
  • Judith K. Paulus, Ph.D.
  • Mr. Peter A. Petrocelli
  • Dr. Earl C. Ravenal
  • A. K. Sandy-Atangana, Esq.
  • Ms. Ann Tweedy Savage
  • Mr. Abraham B. Selby
  • Dr. Andrew M. Shields
  • Ms. Barbara Ann Trachte