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Tuition and Financial Aid | PhD

We understand that attending graduate school is a serious financial commitment. However, we strongly believe that attending Johns Hopkins SAIS is one of the most valuable investments you can make towards your future.

Tuition and Costs for the PhD

Once you are admitted to the PhD program, our team of financial aid professionals will work with you to make your education as affordable as possible. We will also help you understand and explore all of your financing options. After factoring in all sources of support, your out-of-pocket costs may be much lower than the published tuition rates and fees. 

What kind of funding is available for PhD students?
All admitted PhD students receive a scholarship that covers tuition and stipend funding for a limited amount of time unless they decline this in their application. Students who already hold a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins SAIS may receive a maximum of three years of funding and students who have a Master’s degree from other institutions may receive a maximum of four years of funding. Scholarship awards are evaluated by the PhD committee on the basis of performance in class, satisfaction of degree requirements, and a written evaluation from the student’s PhD advisor at the end of each academic year to determine if the financial award will be renewed.

Are teaching or research assistantships available for PhD students?
PhD students are not required to serve as TAs or RAs, however many PhD students do acquire such positions and receive additional compensation. 

Additional financial aid
Eligible PhD students may seek additional financial aid, for example student loans. Our team of dedicated financial aid professionals is available to help you to explore all of your funding opportunities and navigate the financial aid process. 

Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid for PhD Students

Johns Hopkins SAIS offers eligible students financial support in many forms, including scholarships, federal aid, and loans. Almost every admitted student is eligible for some form of financial aid, regardless of citizenship. (Please note that only a small number of our scholarships will cover full tuition and living expenses.)

Scholarship Opportunities Financial Aid


The Office of Student Enrollment and Account Management (SEAM) works cross-functionally to provide support with financial aid, students accounts, and registration.

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