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Class Profile | MAIS

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center is a supportive community with a student body of 166 Chinese and international students, resident international faculty and staff and their families, and more than 80 Chinese faculty and staff members. By studying, living, and working together toward academic success, international and Chinese students learn about one another, building trust and respect that serve as a foundation for life-long friendships.

2019 Student Body 

Student Body  176
Chinese Students 106
International Students 70

MAIS Class Profile

US Minority 20%
Average Age 24
Countries Represented 4
Female/Male 83% /17%        
GPA (middle 50% range) 3.45
GRE Verbal (middle 50% range) 151-165
GRE Quantitative (middle 50% range) 145-158
GMAT Verbal (middle 50% range) 25-25
GMAT Quantitative (middle 50% range) 28-28

*The GRE and GMAT are optional and not a required component of the MAIS and application.