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If you have a question regarding Pre-Term at SAIS Europe, please email or visit FAQ | Pre-Term

SAIS Europe | Pre-Term

Pre-Term at SAIS Europe is designed to give students the opportunity to settle into life in Bologna, learn some Italian, and possibly fulfill a program requirement in order to leave more space for other courses during the fall and spring terms.

Pre-Term 2021 is expected to run on campus at SAIS Europe in Bologna from Monday, August 16 to Saturday, September 11, 2021. Registration will be available online from late May to the end of June, 2021. Admitted students will receive detailed information before the online registration form becomes available around mid-May.

Below is the tentative list of courses which expect to offer in Pre-Term 2021. Additional changes may be made between March and mid-May.

Pre-Term courses offered at SAIS Europe:

Some non-native English speakers may need to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in preparation for graduate coursework, as indicated in the letter of admission. In summer 2021, SAIS is offering a four-week online course during the month of July (5-30), followed by two-weeks on campus either in DC or Bologna. At the end of the course, all students will take an English placement exam to determine their level for fall 2021 language registration. Details will be provided prior to pre-term registration.

This course is the best way to begin learning Italian and get the most out of your year in Italy. The course consists of approximately 100 hours of classroom instruction and individual tutorials. Depending on prior language background and aptitude, students may be placed in an intermediate level course in the fall and may consequently qualify to take the Italian Proficiency exam at the end of the academic year. Only beginner-level classes are offered during Pre-Term. Because of the number of classroom hours per day (4-5), Intensive Italian cannot be taken with any other pre-term course.

This beginner-level course is designed to help students interact in Italian during everyday life in Bologna. It consists of approximately 50 hours of classroom sessions and individual tutorials. This course can be taken alongside Statistics.

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic statistical tools required to conduct and evaluate empirical research in economics and the social sciences. The course fulfills the data analytics requirement for the MAIR degree and enables those students to take an additional elective course during the program. Topics covered include elementary probability theory, sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation, regression, big data and Machine Learning. Special attention will be given to the application of these statistical tools to the analysis of real phenomena. Students who attend Statistics in Pre-Term will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop on STATA in the fall or spring, as scheduling permits.


Pre-term courses do not count for course credit and do not count toward the overall number of courses required for the MAIR, MAIA, MIPP and one-year Diploma programs. Successful completion of Pre-Term courses is noted with High pass (HP) or Pass (P) on the transcript. No mention of Pre-term is noted for failed courses and grades do not affect the student’s grade point average (GPA).


Principles of Economics Prerequisite: Prior to the beginning of Pre-Term, you must have successfully completed (or be in the process of completing) a course covering principles of micro- and macroeconomics. Proof of having met this requirement must be provided to the Admissions Office by the start of the Pre-Term course. If you take the Online Principles of Economics, results will be transferred internally at the school. If you do not pass an approved Principles of Economics course, you will not be allowed to attend the corresponding economics course in Pre-Term; nor will you be allowed to enroll in courses in the fall.