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Event Recap Listings

April 30, 2020

FPI Coffee Hour | Diverging Prospects, Differing Responses: Economic Prospects and Global Policy Collaboration in a Time of Crisis

The school hosted a discussion on the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications for global economy.

Speakers: John Lipsky, Gregory Chin

economy, COVID-19

April 29, 2020

Commercial Fleet Electrification and Financing Structures

Robert Gurman, a Johns Hopkins SAIS alumnus joined a webinar to discuss the emerging commercial...

Speakers: Robert Gurman

Energy, Sustainability

April 28, 2020

Diplomacy in the Age of Coronavirus

The pandemic crisis is proving that nations and institutions are more interdependent and connected...

Speakers: Eliot A. Cohen, Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh

COVID-19, Diplomacy, global health

April 28, 2020

Crises in US-China Relations: Lessons Learned from 40 Years of US-China Diplomacy

Johns Hopkins SAIS Alumnus James Green shared insights from his podcast series focused on US-China...

Speakers: James Green

China, Diplomacy

April 27, 2020

COVID-19, Climate Change and Environmental Advocacy

The Bologna Institute for Policy Research (BIPR) hosted a webinar on the challenges that COVID-19...

Speakers: Dana R. Fisher, Nina Hall

Climate Change, Europe, COVID-19

April 23, 2020

The Johns Hopkins SAIS Global Risk Conference - Hydrogen. A Zero Carbon Energy Vector Whose Time Has Come

Energy experts joined the Johns Hopkins SAIS Global Risk Conference to discuss the advantages of...

Speakers: Marco Dell'Aquila, Christopher Jackson, Patrick Molloy, Markus Wilthaner

Renewable Energy, environment, economy, global risk

April 22, 2020

Lives and Livelihoods: The Impact of the Coronavirus on India

Experts from The Johns Hopkins University joined a discussion to offer insight on how the Indian...

Speakers: Devesh Kapur, Pravin Krishna, Amita Gupta, Nagpurnanand Prabhala

global health, India

April 20, 2020

Lifelong Learning and the Potent Challenge of Citizenship

Lord Dr. Michael Hastings joined Johns Hopkins SAIS students and guests for a discussion on the...

Speakers: Lord Dr. Michael Hastings

COVID-19, Europe, global health

April 16, 2020

ESM, SURE, Recovery Plan and Eurobonds: Too Little Too Late?

The Bologna Institute for Policy Research (BIPR) hosted an online seminar on Europe’s response to...

Speakers: Erik Jones, Filippo Taddei, Michael Leigh

COVID-19, economy, European Union

April 16, 2020

FPI Coffee Hour | Europe's Exit Strategy: Rising out of the COVID-19 Crisis

The school hosted a discussion to explore the various strategies of the European Union (EU) as it...

Speakers: Daniel S. Hamilton, Kristina Spohr, Cengiz Güna

global health, COVID-19, European Union