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Student Stories

Achieving the Dream of Studying International Affairs in Europe

SAIS Europe Student Body President Alejandra Flores Renteria came to SAIS with goal of furthering her work in migration policy. She has made great memories along the way. Read her story to learn more about her experience.

Grateful for the Steadfast Support of Faculty and Staff

Before joining SAIS, I was working with the Central Bank of Uganda (BOU). I had just been transferred to the Statistics Department after 13 years in the Financial Stability Department.

Going Places that I Didn’t Even Expect

I have endless gratitude for my mom for always supporting my aspirations and for believing that there is no such thing as too much education

SAIS Gives Students Unparalleled Access to Global Network

I was drawn to Johns Hopkins SAIS due to its impressive post-graduation outcomes and multiple campuses. SAIS’ career treks were also a big draw — they give students unparalleled access to professional networks across the U.S., Europe, and beyond.

Making the Most of Learning; both Inside and Out of the Classroom

Alexander Guglia, a MAIA Cooperative student from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, discusses learning at SAIS, and how this occurs both in and out of the classroom. Guglia speaks about past events and gatherings that he has been able to join, as well as a future study trip he plans on taking.

Two Universities for a Complementary Education

Petr Pesov, a MAIA Cooperative student at SAIS Europe, explains how his multidisciplinary education from two universities, Tel-Aviv University and SAIS has helped define who he is and what he wants to become.

From Nonprofit to Sustainability Consulting: How SAIS Equipped Me to Serve Communities with a Systemic Understanding

Don’t be afraid to pivot. If you don’t like what you’re doing, try something different until you figure out what works.

SAIS Staff Rides: From Participant to Organizer

I became interested in SAIS through my undergraduate studies. I had a great opportunity to learn about the school through coursework with SAIS DC professors, interacting with impressive SAIS alumni, and attending one of the staff rides as an undergraduate participant. This helped me realize that I wanted to pursue a career in international relations and to continue my studies at SAIS.

Gaining Insights into Effective International Cooperation

SAIS was certainly a major factor in me forming this goal: coming from a very different sector to that which I wanted to transition to, it was easy to feel a little lost at times. However, the academic and professional experience I have gained since has given me both the knowledge to form well-defined aspirations, and the skillset to pursue them.

Multiculturalism & European Policymaking

I spent a lot of time debating with American and European friends from Poland, Italy, and the United Kingdom – I felt like SAIS was a great opportunity to practice collaborating and communicating with people from other countries the same way that I do now at the Delegation of the European Union to the United States.