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The Brief

December 2020: COVID vaccines on horizon as coronavirus surges in parts of the world

With many countries around the globe in the midst of second and third waves of coronavirus, the school's experts are addressing missteps nations have made during the pandemic and the development and distribution of vaccines.

November 2020: Biden administration to contend with domestic challenges and obstacles to global reset

The school's experts are analyzing domestic polarization and geopolitical obstacles that are playing out as President-elect Joe Biden transitions to the White House.

October 2020: President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis intensifies focus on his health and handling of pandemic

President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis put renewed focus on his health and management of the pandemic and the school's experts are addressing domestic and global implications related to these areas of concern.

September 2020: Key issues mount domestically and globally as 2020 election approaches

With the U.S. presidential election less than two months away, the school's experts are addressing critical aspects of the race ranging from voting to the candidates’ foreign policy approaches.

August 2020: Complex challenges mark U.S. COVID-19 response and recovery efforts

As coronavirus becomes more widespread throughout the United States, our experts are providing commentary on how domestic, economic, and international challenges are impacting the country's response and recovery efforts.

July 2020: Coronavirus tests international cooperation and geopolitical order

COVID-19 has subsided in some countries, but is surging in others. As the global response continues to evolve, the school's experts discuss international cooperation and the shifting geopolitical order.

June 2020: Protests signal warning signs in U.S. and opportunity in China

In wake of protests in the U.S. following George Floyd’s death, the school's experts address how President Donald Trump's response has been alarming and how China is using the unrest for its own purposes.

May 2020: COVID-19’s varying impacts complicate global health response

With countries experiencing varying impacts from the coronavirus, the school's experts explored global public health challenges ranging from access to resources to actions of multinational organizations.

April 2020: Differences between countries impact COVID-19 global response

Our experts provided commentary on how rivalries, and in some cases tensions, between countries has impacted the responses to coronavirus around the globe.

March 2020: Misinformation presents obstacles as countries respond to coronavirus

As countries strategize to combat the spread of coronavirus, the school's experts addressed how misinformation has influenced the response to the global outbreak.