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In the News

Christopher Sands quoted in The Sunday Times, 3/10

Director of the Center for Canadian Studies Christopher Sands quoted on CBC News, 3/8

Adria Lawrence wrote in The Washington Post, 3/8

Benjamin N. Gedan quoted in The Guardian, 3/8

Adjunct Professor of Energy Resources and Environment Simone Tagliapietra wrote in Financial Times, 3/7

Christopher Sands quoted on Center for Strategic & International Studies podcast, 3/7

Filippo Taddei cited in Euronews, 3/6

Thomas Rid cited in The Washington Post, 3/6

Yascha Mounk quoted in Los Angeles Times, 3/6

Pravin Krishna cited in Tehran Times, 3/6

Pravin Krishna quoted in Nikkei Asian Review, 3/6

Dean Eliot A. Cohen wrote in The Atlantic, 3/6

Hal Brands wrote in The National Interest, 3/6

Joshua White wrote in The Atlantic, 3/5

Christopher Sands quoted in Marketplace, 3/5

Christopher Sands quoted in The Washington Post, 3/5

Vali Nasr interviewed on WBEZ Worldview, 3/5

Benjamin N. Gedan interviewed on BBC World News, 3/5

Hal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 3/5

Christopher Sands wrote in Open Canada blog, 3/4