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Anne O. Krueger cited in Irish Times, 5/21

Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Edward P. Joseph wrote in Foreign Policy, 5/21

Erik Jones quoted in Financial Times, 5/21

Nina Hall cited in University of Dayton blogs, 5/21

David Barno wrote in War on the Rocks. 5/21

Hal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 5/21

Nora Bensahel wrote in War on the Rocks. 5/21

Vali Nasr cited in Tribune News Service, 5/20

Michael Mandelbaum wrote in The American Interest, 5/20

Michael G. Plummer quoted in South China Morning Post, 5/18

John McLaughlin cited in OZY, 5/18

John McLaughlin cited in Financial Times, 5/17

Adjunct Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment Simone Tagliapietra wrote for ScienceDirect, 5/16

Daniel Serwer quoted in The National, 5/16

Vali Nasr interviewed on CNN International Hala Gorani Tonight, 5/16

Vali Nasr wrote in The Washington Post, 5/16

Senior Research Professor of International Economics nne O. Krueger wrote in Project Syndicate, 5/16

Benjamin N. Gedan wrote in Americas Quarterly, 5/16

James Anderson Adjunct Professor of Middle East Studies Sanam Vakil quoted in The Guardian, 5/15

Vali Nasr interviewed on CNN International’s CNN Today, 5/15