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In the News

Pravin Krishna hosted Transforming India podcast, 6/17

Mara Karlin participated in Center for Strategic and International Studies discussion, 6/17

Joshua White wrote for Brookings Institution, 6/16

Thomas Rid quoted in The Washington Post, 6/16

Anne Applebaum interviewed on Bloomberg TV, 6/16

Daniel Markey participated in Observer Research Foundation webinar, 6/15

Mara Karlin quoted in The Guardian, 6/14

David Lampton wrote in The National Interest, 6/13

Daniel Hamilton wrote in San Francisco Chronicle, 6/13

Dean Eliot A. Cohen quoted in USA Today, 6/12

Johannes Urpelainen cited in PV-Tech, 6/12

Yascha Mounk wrote in The Atlantic, 6/12

Mara Karlin wrote in Task & Purpose, 6/12

Francis Fukuyama wrote in Foreign Affairs, 6/12

Hal Brands interviewed on MSNBC Morning Joe, 6/12

Michael G. Plummer wrote for Peterson Institute for International Economics, 6/11

Sanam Vakil quoted in The Daily Dispatcher, 6/11

Thomas G. Mahnken wrote in RealClearDefense, 6/11

Erik Jones wrote in The Rift, 6/11

Ho-Fung Hung quoted in Quartz, 6/11