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In the News

Thomas G. Mahnken wrote in Defense News, 4/24

Jessica Fanzo quoted in Nutrition Connect, 4/24

Anne Applebaum interviewed on CNN International, 4/24

Joshua White quoted in Hindustan Times, 4/23

Hal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 4/23

Michael G. Plummer interviewed for U.S.-Italy Global Affairs Forum, 4/23

Narges Bajoghli interviewed on Politics Theory Other podcast, 4/23

John Lipsky participated in a discussion for American Council on Germany, 4/22

Daniel Magraw wrote for National Council for Social Studies, 4/22

John McLaughlin interviewed on Intelligence Matters podcast, 4/22

Filipe Campante interviewed for Niskanen Center’s The Science of Politics podcast, 4/22

Hal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 4/22

Thomas Rid interviewed on The Cyberlaw podcast, 4/21

Jean-François Seznec quoted in Middle East Eye, 4/21

Matthias Matthijs wrote in The Washington Post Monkey Cage blog, 4/21

Devesh Kapur cited in QRIUS, 4/21

Erik Jones quoted in Financial Times, 4/21

Daniel Hamilton cited in The National, 4/21

Nora Bensahel interviewed on War on the Rocks Bombshell podcast, 4/21

Kent E. Calder quoted on Voice of America, 4/20