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In the News

Filipe Campante quoted in The New York Times, 4/15

Deborah Bräutigam and Andrew Mertha cited in USA Today, 4/15

Thomas Rid’s book reviewed in Foreign Affairs, 4/14

Matthias Matthijs wrote in Foreign Affairs, 4/14

David M. Lampton wrote in South China Morning Post, 4/14

Sarah Parkinson quoted in The Washington Post, 4/14

Eric Edelman wrote in Foreign Affairs, 4/13

Mara Karlin quoted in Inside Defense, 4/13

Daniel Hamilton quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/13

Devesh Kapur wrote in Business Standard, 4/12

Hal Brands wrote in Bloomberg Opinion, 4/12

Pravin Krishna hosted Transforming India podcast, 4/11

Devesh Kapur wrote in Business Standard, 4/11

Ho-Fung Hung quoted in The Guardian, 4/11

Lisel Hintz participated in a panel for the German Marshall Fund of the United States, 4/10

Matthias Matthijs interviewed in Johns Hopkins HUB, 4/10

Erik Jones interviewed on Encompass podcast, 4/10

Daniel Honig interviewed on NPR, 4/10

Kent E. Calder’s book highlighted in Johns Hopkins HUB, 4/10

Kent E. Calder wrote in Kyodo News, 4/9