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Student Stories

Developing Critical Language Skills in China

The fact that in the master’s program you write your thesis in Chinese is huge. There’s no other American university where I’d have that opportunity.

On the Fast-Track to a Career in Diplomacy

"When given the opportunity to apply to the accelerated BA/MA Program between Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and Johns Hopkins SAIS, I jumped at the chance to further my education in International Affairs."

Building My Network

"There is no shortage of ways to connect with the school’s alumni."

Building Expertise on Africa Inside and Outside the Classroom

"As a student, I had the opportunity to serve as a club leader for the school's Africa Association Club, which aims to connect students of African descent and those interested in African affairs."

A Top-Notch Education

"Every week, the school brings some of the top minds in international relations and related fields to speak on campus. From Wolf Blitzer to Francis Fukuyama to the President of Afghanistan, there is no lack of clout or diversity from the speakers."

On the Fast-Track to Advancing My Career

"While studying at Johns Hopkins SAIS, I was very impressed with the faculty and coursework, which gave me an unprecedented learning experience."

Expanding My Academic Breadth

“I have been very impressed with the diversity of the student community, the employers that recruit from campus, and the on-campus events.”

Gaining First-Hand Insights on Latin America

"I heard of the amazing opportunities offered by the school's Latin American Studies Program, especially the study trips and funded internship program, and that made it even easier to choose LASP as my concentration."

A Cross-Cultural Education

"Bologna was great because you get to know everybody in the program well, and for someone like me who had never studied European politics that closely, you’re exposed to a whole new history and political system that helps to give you an international perspective."

Building My Network

"Meeting people from all around the world at Johns Hopkins SAIS has been a great experience. It has allowed me to learn more not only about the world, but also about the field that I am studying in in ways that a classroom cannot teach."