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Student Stories

Building Expertise in International Development

Although the World Bank provides a good onboarding to newcomers, I thought it would be beneficial to complement it with my own extra studies at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

Building My Network Around a Career Focused on US-China Relations

"I knew that studying at Johns Hopkins SAIS would be the best way to develop an advanced understanding of international affairs and prepare for a career focused on U.S.-China Relations."

Gaining Expertise in US-China Relations in a Close-Knit Community

"My favorite part about studying at The Hopkins-Nanjing Center was the community, which made learning so much more rewarding."

A Supportive Global Community

"Receiving the generous Dean's Fellowship made it financially possible for me to pursue the dual-degree and was a significant driver in my choice to pursue Johns Hopkins SAIS' graduate degree program."

Advancing My Career

"When I began to research master’s programs, Johns Hopkins SAIS, with its dual focus on international economics and international policy, seemed like a natural fit.

Learning in a City Steeped in History

"I felt incredibly lucky to have an international education in a city as steeped in history as Bologna, which gave me more appreciation for the depth and gravity of the history of the political and economic forces we talked about in class."

An Enriching Graduate School Experience

"I love the international community that Johns Hopkins SAIS fosters, with the student body hailing from different parts of the world, and bringing their dynamic experiences to everything we do here."

A Focus on Security and Strategy

"As a Research Assistant at the school, I have co-authored analytical publications on transatlantic defense cooperation, Russian hybrid aggression, European/Eurasian regional security, and great power competition in the Arctic."

Building an Inclusive Community

"I felt encouraged to apply to Johns Hopkins SAIS because I found that I could identify and relate with the community as a group of people with a common goal to not only learn about international affairs, but to shape it."

A Tailored Education

"When I first began to research Johns Hopkins SAIS and to entertain the idea of applying, I could not shake the feeling that it had been designed for someone like me."