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Student Stories

Developing Expertise on Africa

"I knew that I wanted to focus on Africa, and Johns Hopkins SAIS impressed me as one of the few schools that had a stand-alone African Studies program."

Gaining Expertise on the Political Economy

We sat down with Japan Studies PhD candidate Zongyuan Liu to talk about her research and teaching experience at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

A Personally Enriching Education

"I am constantly amazed by my fellow students, whose insights, work ethic, and sense of humor challenged and inspired me."

Developing In-Depth Insights on Japan

"The discussions with faculty during the school's Open House for Admitted Students further cemented my decision to attend the school."

Building a Career in the U.S. Government

Danielle applied to Johns Hopkins SAIS for its strong reputation, the school’s presence in Bologna, Italy, and the number of alumni working at the US.

A Multi-Focus on Canada, China and Latin America

"I had the opportunity to spend spring break attending the London School of Economics’ 10th Annual Emerging Markets Forum which focused on China’s role in the business world."

Developing Expertise Through Global Theory and History

Miller wanted to continue his studies focused on international relations after studying international relations theory at the London School of Economics (LSE).

A Focus on US, Mexico and Canadian Relations

"I liked how the American Foreign Policy program allowed enough flexibility to make it my own while at the same time providing me with the foundations of how foreign policy is designed and implemented."

Examining Conflict Resolution Across the Globe

"The opportunity to meet with several of the most highly regarded government officials and royal family members to discuss an important political event is something I would never have expected as a student."

A Myriad of Perspectives on International Law and Human Rights

"The unique nature of both the BA/MA program and the ILaw program at Johns Hopkins SAIS has allowed me to see the broad applicability of the basic tenets of international rights and law, from domestic grassroots community activism to transitional justice issues in South Asia."