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Student Stories

Fostering a Community of Diverse Voices

"As a Research Assistant for SAIS Women Lead, I have had the chance to explore different regions of the world, meet extraordinary women leaders and foster a community of diverse voices."

Gaining Expertise to Advance My Career in Military Service

"As an MIPP candidate, I can engage and contribute to complex class discussions on diverse topics by drawing from my experiences."

Building My Expertise on US Foreign Policy

"The tools I’m receiving from the Master of Arts in Global Policy (MAGP) program will help me to better understand the foreign policy of my own country and where we stand in the world arena."

An Invaluable Education

"I had the opportunity to meet different alumni for whom Johns Hopkins SAIS represented a pivotal point in their careers, and who have now become leaders in their respective fields, which was extremely motivating."

A Focus on Bolstering Indonesia’s Resilience against Global Challenges

"No matter how intense the debate my colleagues and I had in class, we always found time to connect informally afterward."

An Enriching Education in the Heart of Europe

"Talking with mentors and friends made it clear that SAIS was the best option for me to move forward in the international development field."

Building My Expertise Through a Flexible Degree Program

"The MIPP cohort includes students from different countries and professional backgrounds, which has helped me expand my network."

Building Expertise on China-Latin America Relations

"I wanted to join a program that placed a strong emphasis on quantitative skills, and SAIS offered that and much more."

Developing my Expertise

"I cannot wait to take the research skills and international experience I have gained through my education and apply them to my career afterwards."

Gaining Expertise in Conflict Prevention

"I’ve made such amazing friends at Johns Hopkins SAIS, whom I know will stay with me the rest of my life."