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Student Stories

A Global Community of Scholars

When looking to apply to graduate school, Cristina Camacho was lucky to know many SAIS alumni at various stages in their careers, who each commended the school and encouraged her to apply. In addition, she was drawn to the world-class faculty, interdisciplinary academic opportunities, and the expansive network of alumni working on international development and social justice.

Empowering Women Globally

"My coursework has given me the opportunity to learn from professionals who have worked in the field while analyzing past and current conflicts through various perspectives."

From a BA to an MA at Johns Hopkins

As an undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University, Austin Cardona had heard a lot about SAIS in his international relations courses and from other students who were also planning on attending the school. Austin had always been interested in applying to SAIS, so when the school began to offer direct admissions for JHU undergraduates, he felt like it was a sign for him to go for it. He knew that pursuing a master’s at SAIS would be a great way to broaden his career prospects, build on his undergraduate education, and expand his network.

A Unique Doctoral Program

"The DIA program helped me build my expertise by allowing me to delve into issues and focus on research for two years, with support from the top experts in the field."

Broadening My Expertise in Policy Making

"Only at SAIS would I have had the chance to connect to exceptional faculty and students alike, to gain distinct insight into US politics, and study at the forefront of global policy-making."

A Cross-Cultural Dual Degree Program

"I find surprising overlaps among different subjects, which makes me appreciate the practicality and inter-disciplinary aspects of the courses I have taken thus far."

An Engaging Education on Two Continents

"All the former students I had met while interning at the US State Department spoke very highly of SAIS."

Creating a Custom Education Through the Four-Course Certificate

"Due to the Four-Course Certificate's flexible design, I was able to create my own academic program that was fully in line with my interests but also provided me with the opportunity to pick a few courses outside of my comfort zone."

Gaining a Career-Building Edge

"I feel that SAIS truly has a great educational environment for students to enrich themselves."

Developing the Skillset to Improve Policy and Infrastructure in Nigeria

"I was encouraged to apply to SAIS because I felt that the school’s international development curriculum would provide me with the relevant knowledge and best practices to work in the development field."