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Student Stories

To gain skills in Transitional Justice, Peacebuilding, and Conflict Prevention

The school’s focus on economics as an integral part of conflict resolution primarily motivated me to apply to the school following my acceptance to the Fulbright Foreign Student Program.

Strengthening My Expertise in the Politics of Eurasia

The diversity of the SAIS community, the opportunities to meet with exceptional politicians and ambassadors, and the wider possibilities for networking motivated me to join the school.

Gaining the Skills to Beat Poverty

SAIS has a great atmosphere and resources for China studies and IPE and passionate and creative students. As a first-year student, I look forward to working on student-run publications, such as the SAIS China Studies review, to communicate and learn from students with similar interests.

Complementing My International Experience Through Formal Study

I like that the MIPP program honors students’ professional experience and gives us access to the entire SAIS curriculum, while enabling us to structure our course of study with certain goals or skills in mind.

From Planes to Pens

It is the first time that an officer from Spain is studying in a two-year program abroad, and SAIS has an incredible reputation. The school was highly recommended by several of my foreign military colleagues, and the course offerings, the top-notch faculty, and its location in DC encouraged me to study at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

The field I was sure I wanted to stay in

Though there is an overwhelming number of choices, I appreciate that SAIS has opened those doors and made a lot possible.

An Incoming Graduate Gives Invaluable Advice to Prospective Students

I hoped to gain skills that could help me become a policymaker that respects the agency of those in need. I also chose this program since it offered a chance to apply these skills through its capstone practicum project.

On the Crossroad of Tech and Development

SAIS offered a diverse range of international development courses and faculty, as well as a number of technology-related classes that sounded intriguing. The secondary economics concentration was also a big draw for me, and I knew that the robust econ curriculum would set me apart from my peers at other schools.

The Power of Photography in Highlighting the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

I did my undergraduate studies in international affairs at GW, so I have always been aware of the weight that the SAIS brand has in the international relations community. In addition, many of my colleagues have studied at SAIS and can highly recommend it.

From Kansas to Canada and Back

When it came time to pick my region of focus at SAIS, it was a no-brainer. The Canadian Studies program at SAIS gave me an in-depth understanding of Canadian policy issues and helped me develop my skills in policy writing.