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Student Stories

The World Can Be Better, But it Will Take Work

I chose SAIS because of the people, and not just the distinguished faculty and staff. Every SAIS student I had the privilege of meeting before I applied was incredibly kind, academically dynamic, and supportive. I instantly knew was the kind of program I wanted to be a part of.

Arriving in Nanjing

Moving in on campus was a great experience. I’ll always be grateful for how welcome all the HNC students, both international and Chinese, made me feel.

Gaining Insights into Effective International Cooperation

SAIS was certainly a major factor in me forming this goal: coming from a very different sector to that which I wanted to transition to, it was easy to feel a little lost at times. However, the academic and professional experience I have gained since has given me both the knowledge to form well-defined aspirations, and the skillset to pursue them.

Multiculturalism & European Policymaking

I spent a lot of time debating with American and European friends from Poland, Italy, and the United Kingdom – I felt like SAIS was a great opportunity to practice collaborating and communicating with people from other countries the same way that I do now at the Delegation of the European Union to the United States.

Striking a Balance between Life and Academia

I was also able to continue my work in sports development for the Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union through my proximity to the middle east and traveled to Saudi Arabia for a lacrosse development trip. These trips have helped me form life-long friendships and relationships with my classmates.

Understanding the Inner Workings of the European Union

SAIS gives you easy access to a network of incredibly interesting individuals willing to share their stories, give advice, and provide insight into their careers.

Global Policy through the Lens of Digitalization

SAIS education provides an ideal springboard to start an international career. Within the scope of my current position as a Parliamentary Official for the Italian Parliament, I hope to support my country's sustainable growth towards a fairer, more equitable European and global society.

Conducting Complex Research While Supporting Fellow Servicemembers

My studies have completely changed my understanding of Chinese history, political development, and international relations.

Military Service with a Global Perspective

Not every day is going to be a success and you have to be able to move on to the next problem without dwelling.

Advancing Diplomacy Between the U.S. and the International Community

SAIS prepared me for this experience by equipping me with adequate regional expertise on the MENA region, strengthening my expository writing skills, and providing me with a multidisciplinary understanding of global processes and relationships.