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Student Stories

Conducting Complex Research While Supporting Fellow Servicemembers

My studies have completely changed my understanding of Chinese history, political development, and international relations.

Military Service with a Global Perspective

Not every day is going to be a success and you have to be able to move on to the next problem without dwelling.

Advancing Diplomacy Between the U.S. and the International Community

SAIS prepared me for this experience by equipping me with adequate regional expertise on the MENA region, strengthening my expository writing skills, and providing me with a multidisciplinary understanding of global processes and relationships.

SAIS Has Always Been the Dream

"I cannot imagine a more valuable and meaningful contribution to my society than being part of progress," said SAIS Public Service Scholar Ángel Chica Sánchez.

Passion for policy-oriented research and European affairs

The SAIS path with a passion for policy-oriented research and European affairs.

Using a Non-Western Lens to Redefine Global Conflict

Every day when I walk past embassies and prominent think tanks, I feel the importance of what I am studying and the power of where I am.

Reorienting Back to International Policy

Situated perfectly in Washington D.C. and boasting a number of distinguished faculty members – it just ticked all the boxes.

Leveraging the Relationship Between Development and Sustainability

As someone who did not have as many opportunities in my undergraduate school to pursue quantitative skills, Johns Hopkins offered a way to gain the skills necessary to pursue a career in monitoring and evaluating international development programs.

Learning the Full Story

In my concentration, I wish to gain a better understanding of how these institutions work across borders, and how states interact, both with each other, but also with IGO’s and NGO’s.

Navigating the Complications of Sustainable Development

SAIS allowed me to choose my own functional and regional focus areas so that I could tailor my education to my interests and career aspirations.