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Student Stories

The SAIS Community Lasts a Lifetime

I knew at SAIS I would be joining a program that offered more than just academic rigor — I would be joining a diverse student community with unparalleled resources and stellar faculty.

Making the Most of Learning; both Inside and Out of the Classroom

Alexander Guglia, a MAIA Cooperative student from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, discusses learning at SAIS, and how this occurs both in and out of the classroom. Guglia speaks about past events and gatherings that he has been able to join, as well as a future study trip he plans on taking.

SAIS: An Extraordinary Experience

Through spirited debates, I learned so much about the recent democratic crisis in the U.S. and shared my knowledge on the challenges in India. It hit me in that class — SAIS is such an extraordinarily diverse school, with so many valuable perspectives to learn from.

Learning in Chinese, Being Taught in Chinese, Living in China

Living on campus has been felt like walking straight into a community that you are automatically accepted into.

Two Universities for a Complementary Education

Petr Pesov, a MAIA Cooperative student at SAIS Europe, explains how his multidisciplinary education from two universities, Tel-Aviv University and SAIS has helped define who he is and what he wants to become.

From Nonprofit to Sustainability Consulting: How SAIS Equipped Me to Serve Communities with a Systemic Understanding

Don’t be afraid to pivot. If you don’t like what you’re doing, try something different until you figure out what works.

At SAIS, Become Who You Aspire To Be

The community at SAIS convinced me that this is where I needed to be in order to become all I aspire to be.

No Other Program As Unique, Competitive

The SAIS and HNC program is really unique, allowing students to spend a year in Washington, D.C. and another in Nanjing; no other China studies program in the U.S. offered such a special competitive opportunity.

SAIS Has Opened My Eyes

After graduating from Howard University with a bachelor’s in International Affairs in Africa and the Caribbean, I was working at Iris House Inc., a non-profit in the Greater New York City area providing case management services to persons living with HIV/AIDs.

Using SAIS Education to Promote Financial Inclusion of Underserved Populations

SAIS is unique and flexible, allowing me to tailor studies to my specific interests and career goals, with a broad alumni network that is eager to help current students.