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Student Stories

Preparing for a Policy Career in a Fast-Changing World

I have been able to engage many SAIS students and faculty members and participate in the school’s robust student life, learning from diverse perspectives and building my network while giving back to the SAIS community in a meaningful way.

Cultivating Foreign Policy Expertise

I knew SAIS’ stellar faculty, abundant course offerings, and expansive alumni network would provide me with tools I needed to succeed as an international relations professional.

Building a Firm Understanding of American and International Policy

After researching the various master’s programs and world-class faculty that SAIS offers, I realized the programs here aligned remarkably well with my professional career

Journey Toward Contributing to the Sustainable Development of Human Society

I hope to take full advantage of the resources provided by SAIS and complete a smooth transition from being a graduate student to becoming a young professional.

Working Toward Career that Promotes Human Rights and Gender Equality

I am confident that earning a degree from SAIS will significantly shape my career path, move me closer to achieving my objectives, and equip me with the skills I need for professional growth.

Nina: Once a Bolognese always a Bolognese

While working in supply chains, Nina became passionate about sustainability, particularly reducing greenhouse gas emissions in materials production and waste.

SAIS Experience Enhances Knowledge Gained from Military and Foreign Service Posts

I sought out a graduate program with a heavy economic and quantitative focus, and SAIS’ international economics concentration seemed to fill many of the gaps I had in my own understanding.

SAIS Public Service Scholar Balances Coursework and Family

Being able to delve into issues I follow professionally seemed really attractive and beneficial to complement my knowledge about the U.S. and international affairs in general.

Developing New Perspectives on Sustainability and Climate Change

The way in which the content of courses at SAIS directly aligns with my past experiences, current work, and overall interests allows for the classes to hold a lasting impact on my perspective.

Gaining Valuable Insight into the Security and Conflict Fields

Learning from my peers and hearing about their personal experiences, either living or working in the fields of security and conflict, have been my favorite experiences at SAIS.