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Student Stories

Combining Business and International Development Studies

The SAIS experience could not be more different from the INSEAD experience, which is what I love about it. SAIS is much more traditional and academic, encouraging us to dive deep into the subject matter of our classes and really build rigorous academic expertise.

To Gain New Work Experiences and International Perspectives

I was attracted to the program’s rigorous econometrics curriculum as well as its emphasis on technical skills and professional development. In addition, the opportunity to undertake a STEM-designated graduate degree within an international studies institution was of great interest to me.

Colin: Searching for International Perspectives at SAIS Europe

When looking into graduate schools, Colin looked to two close friends and personal guides. Wanting to follow in their footsteps, Colin chose to attend SAIS

To Sharpen My Statistical and Programming Skills

While several challenges still need to be solved, I expect my programming skills to be improved when exploring the solutions. Besides, through the project, I have become familiar with trade data, international classification systems as well as the product quality mode

Understanding International Relations Dynamics and History

I realized that the school's ideal location could inspire students and provide them with limitless opportunities. Furthermore, as an international student, I value the diversity of students at SAIS as well as the school's positive attitude toward students from diverse backgrounds.

Balancing a SAIS MAIR & Tsinghua Dual Degree

The MAIR program is aptly designed for students to build a strong foundation in the general concepts and practices of IR horizontally, while vertically delving into the two chosen areas of specialization, dovetails perfectly with my lifelong goal of balancing “exploration and extrapolation”.

Applying Knowledge Gained at SAIS to Military Assignments

The MIPP program will best prepare me for future assignments as an Army Foreign Area Officer in Latin America.

A Rangel Fellow Prepares for a Career in the U.S. Foreign Service

SAIS’s commitment to reimagining the study of international relations intrigued me and affirmed that my interests in looking at the intersections of race, statecraft, cultural diplomacy would be welcomed.

Andrés: Challenging His Worldview in Bologna

After leaving the military to pursue an international career in diplomacy, Andrés applied to SAIS since he felt it was the clear choice to develop his professional skills to navigate the complex machinery of international and interagency relationships.

Studying and Traveling from Latin America to the Netherlands and Ukraine

As I was studying at Leiden University in the Netherlands, I got to know about the SAIS MAIA cooperative degree program. At first, I expected to only do my Master’s in the Netherlands, but I after I got accepted to SAIS, I realized that it complements my education very well.