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Student Stories

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

The additional opportunity that the Hopkins-Nanjing Center provided was hard to pass up. It allows me to continue my language study through my international relations coursework, gain a deep insight into how Chinese government and society operates, and take part in an amazing graduate school program.

The Incredible Community at SAIS

SAIS has cultivated an incredible community where you know you feel supported by your fellow students, professors, staff, and alumni.

SAIS: A Place for Both Academic & Personal Discovery

I saw SAIS as an incredible opportunity to broaden both my professional and academic interests as well as my own personal journey of growth and self-exploration.

Learning from the Greatest Minds

We are learning from some of the greatest minds in international relations, in the same room as some of the world’s most influential leaders.

Learning Through a Different Lens

I really liked the concept of being able to learn about China and global politics through a Chinese lens, especially using Chinese, while still being able to maintain academic freedom.

The Intersection of National Security and Emerging Technologies

SAIS’ rigorous economics curriculum sets it apart from all other programs. Furthermore, the ability to study across multiple concentrations and focus on security, strategy, and statecraft in Asia fit my interests better than any other program.

SAIS: A Global Reputation of Excellence

I could see how unique the community at SAIS was, which extended far beyond the classroom. SAIS alumni are deeply engaged and committed to supporting the community of current students and recent graduates.

‘My Choice Was Easy’

I have always wanted to pursue a graduate degree in international relations and, because SAIS is one of the top schools in international relations and policy, my choice was easy.

Studying China's Engagement in Latin America

With my degree, I am hoping to build a career that would allow me to give back to my community, to give back to Colombia. As a Chinese Colombian, I would like to be part of that bridge that connects the two countries and the wider Latin American region.

SAIS Gives Students Unparalleled Access to Global Network

I was drawn to Johns Hopkins SAIS due to its impressive post-graduation outcomes and multiple campuses. SAIS’ career treks were also a big draw — they give students unparalleled access to professional networks across the U.S., Europe, and beyond.