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Student Stories

An Enriching Practicum Experience

"I was drawn to SAIS for its unparalleled reach in Washington DC’s policy-making circles and its rigorous focus on economics and finance."

An Accelerated BA/MA Program

"I was very excited that SAIS offered an opportunity to take more global courses and expand on my studies in a more international context."

Building My Network

"Each of the school's career treks has enabled me to build my network with the school’s alumni from Washington DC to Hong Kong."

An Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approach to China Across Three Campuses

"I liked the idea of being able to access difficult-to-reach perspectives through courses on China with Chinese academics at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center."

Gaining a Career-Building Edge in Clean Energy and National Security

"Through engagement with the school's faculty, students, and alumni, I have been exposed to various perspectives that challenged how I evaluate tough, international problems, while simultaneously broadening my worldview."

SAIS Runs in the Family

"All voices can be heard at the school, even though we are from so many different backgrounds."

Building My Network in the Heart of Europe

"Attending the school's UN Career trek was an invaluable opportunity for me to connect what I had learned in the classroom with the insights and experiences of current practitioners."

Gaining the Knowledge to Strengthen Communities

"The Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance (MIEF) program offered her a perfect opportunity to pivot into the domain of public policy."

Building Professional Expertise on US Policy Toward China

"The school's faculty has fully supported my efforts to produce research that is academically compelling and translates into clear policy implications."

Fostering a Community of Diverse Voices

"As a Research Assistant for SAIS Women Lead, I have had the chance to explore different regions of the world, meet extraordinary women leaders and foster a community of diverse voices."