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Student Stories

Advancing My Career

"Going above and beyond, my career coach utilized their network to provide me with valuable connections."

Developing Expertise in Security, Strategy, and Statecraft

"I chose to attend graduate school to better prepare me for a career as a policymaker, so having the opportunity to learn from professors who have actually worked in policy roles was very important to me."

Connecting Students in an Ever-Changing World

"I have always personally believed that to understand conflicts and politics, you have to understand economics, and the school’s reputation in its international economics component really stood out amongst the other international relations schools."

A Wealth of Opportunities in the Nation's Capital

"Both internships enhanced my graduate school experience because it was an opportunity to practice the skills and enhance the knowledge I acquired in the classroom."

Building My Network

"The school’s network and campus locations are pretty much unparalleled."

Studying in the Heart of Europe

"The real benefit of studying at SAIS Europe is not only the knowledge you gain in a niche field but also the transferable skills of communication, critical thinking, and tenacity that can be applied to any career or field."

A Global Education

I believe the school's economics and language requirements are fundamental for understanding the geopolitical challenges that we are facing today.

Building Camaraderie Through the Student Government Association

"As one of the new Student Government Association Social Chairs, I'm excited about being able to connect with our incoming students, helping them get adjusted to the school and Washington DC, and, most importantly, having a lot of fun doing it."

A Cross-Cultural Education

"I was drawn to the HNC for the immersive, residential aspect of it, and the idea of taking courses taught in Chinese."

An Enriching Global Education

Given that Johns Hopkins SAIS is an international school, it was refreshing to have exposure to contrasting perspectives in Europe to being in the center of US politics in Washington DC.