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Student Stories

An Award-Winning Journalist Advancing a Career in Global Politics

"Johns Hopkins SAIS fits my aspirations and offers me the best environment to gain skill sets for a successful political career."

A Competitive Edge in Sino-Global Relations

"I was so impressed by the alumni I met during the Asia Career Trek that I decided to complete my master’s degree in the five-semester HNC Certificate/Johns Hopkins SAIS-MA program."

On the Fast Track to a Career in Economic Policy

"The one-year MIEF program will enable me to learn my required skills in a short time frame so I can re-enter the workforce quickly."

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

" My decision to apply to the school was motivated by a desire to move into the public sector and learn more about impact investment."

A Flexible Degree for Working Professionals

"Through its alternating weekend schedule and small, cohort-based classes, I am pursuing an immersive graduate school experience while continuing to advance my career goals." 

Gaining a Broad Perspective on Public Service Through a Dual Degree

"I was drawn to the school’s unique program —a combination of international relations and economics perspectives, a top-notch location, and passionate alumni base."

A Cross-Cultural Education in China

"As someone who wanted to study Chinese history and politics, and be immersed in Chinese society, the Hopkins-Nanjing Center was the only choice that made sense for me."

Real-World Learning Through a Capstone Project

"My courses covered qualitative and quantitative approaches for understanding risk and uncertainty, and my summer internship is an ideal setting to apply these skills in a business context."

Building on a Career in Diplomacy

"The selection of courses offered by the school have deeply supplemented my job experience and provided valuable perspective with which I can better represent my country."

A Future in Negotiation Leadership & Diplomacy

"My experience negotiating at the UN shaped my belief in empowering young leaders to speak for a better world."