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Student Stories

Developing Expertise Through Global Theory and History

Miller wanted to continue his studies focused on international relations after studying international relations theory at the London School of Economics (LSE).

A Focus on US, Mexico and Canadian Relations

"I liked how the American Foreign Policy program allowed enough flexibility to make it my own while at the same time providing me with the foundations of how foreign policy is designed and implemented."

Examining Conflict Resolution Across the Globe

"The opportunity to meet with several of the most highly regarded government officials and royal family members to discuss an important political event is something I would never have expected as a student."

A Myriad of Perspectives on International Law and Human Rights

"The unique nature of both the BA/MA program and the ILaw program at Johns Hopkins SAIS has allowed me to see the broad applicability of the basic tenets of international rights and law, from domestic grassroots community activism to transitional justice issues in South Asia."

Gaining Invaluable Knowledge and Skills Before Entering the Workforce

"I have taken on several internships, which is doable given the flexibility of the academic scheduling offered at the school."

Developing a Global Perspective on Human Rights

"My first study trip was to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I met with representatives from international organizations and media outlets to learn about the war and post-conflict reconstruction."

A Valuable Education on Two Continents

"As someone who grew up in Southeast Asia, it is fascinating for me to analyze the region as a field of inquiry while critically engaging with peers and experts to explore its significance in global politics."

Gaining Deeper Insights into European Security and Defense

"I appreciate that the school requires its students to take classes in economics and pass a proficiency in a foreign language, which is indispensable for foreign service careers."

Gaining Many Valuable Insights on China and International Law Through a Flexible, Fast-Track Degree

"Attending the Hopkins-Nanjing Center allowed me to advance my Chinese at a policy and economics level and gain a more nuanced understanding of Chinese history and political developments from Chinese academics in their native language."

Gaining Insights on Africa’s Economic Growth

"The African Studies Program has provided me with an impressive platform for research on the economic relationships among African countries."