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Student Stories

A Future in Negotiation Leadership & Diplomacy

"My experience negotiating at the UN shaped my belief in empowering young leaders to speak for a better world."

A Proximity to International Resources Across Europe

"As one of the founders and the president of the Global Women in Leadership Europe, I have been able to influence the dialogue at the school and interact with many interesting speakers working in gender and international relations issues."

Building Community at Johns Hopkins SAIS

As the SGA Social Chair, my goal is to make Johns Hopkins SAIS a fun and engaging place for all students – where they can make friendships and connections that will last them for life.

Advancing Democratic Reforms

"Seeing how political reform could shape a nation sparked my desire to help eliminate inequality by promoting the freedom, prosperity and dignity of all people."

Exploring Cultural Roots and Gaining Expertise in International Economics

"Studying in Nanjing has allowed me to better understand my family’s experience living through World War II, the Cultural Revolution, and China’s economic transformation."

Developing Global Risk Expertise in an Interconnected World

"The MAGR degree has given me a better understanding of the factors that drive global economies and ability to analyze the emerging threats facing both individual actors and the world."

A Fulbright Scholar with a Focus on Global Development in Sri Lanka

"Johns Hopkins SAIS was the only Washington, DC school and one of the few in the country to offer Hindi/Urdu as a language option."

At the Nexus of Economics and Policy

"I am excited to see how different countries will evolve over the next decade and would like to play a role in advancing the development of Botswana and Africa."

Studying on Three Continents

"The Hopkins-Nanjing Center is unique in that the courses are taught mainly in Chinese from professors who have lived and worked in the country for many years."

A Competitive Advantage

"The Master of Arts in Global Policy has greatly increased my prospects for opportunities in the defense and intelligence industry."