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Student Stories

On the Fast Track to a Career in Economic Policy

"The one-year MIEF program will enable me to learn my required skills in a short time frame so I can re-enter the workforce quickly."

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

" My decision to apply to the school was motivated by a desire to move into the public sector and learn more about impact investment."

A Flexible Degree for Working Professionals

"Through its alternating weekend schedule and small, cohort-based classes, I am pursuing an immersive graduate school experience while continuing to advance my career goals." 

Gaining a Broad Perspective on Public Service Through a Dual Degree

"I was drawn to the school’s unique program —a combination of international relations and economics perspectives, a top-notch location, and passionate alumni base."

A Cross-Cultural Education in China

"As someone who wanted to study Chinese history and politics, and be immersed in Chinese society, the Hopkins-Nanjing Center was the only choice that made sense for me."

Real-World Learning Through a Capstone Project

"My courses covered qualitative and quantitative approaches for understanding risk and uncertainty, and my summer internship is an ideal setting to apply these skills in a business context."

Building on a Career in Diplomacy

"The selection of courses offered by the school have deeply supplemented my job experience and provided valuable perspective with which I can better represent my country."

A Future in Negotiation Leadership & Diplomacy

"My experience negotiating at the UN shaped my belief in empowering young leaders to speak for a better world."

A Proximity to International Resources Across Europe

"As one of the founders and the president of the Global Women in Leadership Europe, I have been able to influence the dialogue at the school and interact with many interesting speakers working in gender and international relations issues."

Building Community at Johns Hopkins SAIS

As the SGA Social Chair, my goal is to make Johns Hopkins SAIS a fun and engaging place for all students – where they can make friendships and connections that will last them for life.